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Reducing Pollution Essay Sample

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TOEFL� essay: Reducing pollution

TOEFL� essay: Reducing pollution

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Environmental pollution is the worldwide issue that troubles us physically, economically and everyday of our lives. However, the people of world from the common citizen to the government have power to address the issue because it is mostly caused by human activities. There are two main environmental contaminations we have to focus on.

One of them is air pollution. This harmful substance to the atmosphere result in damage to human health, surrounding and quality of life. In my hometown, three heat and power combined plants consume about 5 million tons of coal per year as well as there is 45 thousand cars, over 75 thousand national dwellings that consume nearly 200- 300 thousand tons of coal for cooking and heating. There are many projects implemented by national companies to reduce the usage of coal.

The first one is to change coal, which is used to make fire in semi urban area, by refined coal. Another is to transform our national dwelling into floor-heated dwelling which is called Master Dwelling. It heated by electroic source intsead of burning charcoal in the stove. Now Geo Mandal Company has built over 200 floor-heated Master dwelling. The last scheme is to build more apartment to the semi urban areas in my hometown. These apartment already funded by the Mongolian goverment.

In addition, people in the developed countries found their solution to fight smoke pollution. For example, many americans have been leaving their cars at home and riding to work on bicycles. The world's biggest auto makers began to manufacture hybrid and electronic cars.

The world's another worst form is water pollution. Water pollutant has many causes such as domestic discharge, storm run-off and accidental oil spills. There are many ways to tackle this problem.

Firstly, we have to icrease environmental awareness among our new generation through education. It means they will learn how to prevent water pollution.

Secondly, government has to advertise the effects of the pollution to public using mass media. Futhermore, the law enforcement office tightens control on people who break water law.

In conclusion, if we all work together against this dreadful issue, we can acheive together as well as live healthy and happily.

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Bicycle Use Helps Reduce Air Pollution

Bicycle Use Helps Reduce Air Pollution

Air pollution occurs from a variety of sources and driving your car is just one of them. Each time a person chooses their bicycle over their vehicle, it cuts down on the air pollution in your community and town. There are several ways in which biking instead of driving can reduce pollution and once you know the reasons, you’ll be much more likely to choose your bike over your car.

The main reason why biking reduces air pollution is that it doesn’t use any fuel. The average car produces about 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air over the course of its lifespan. Worn tire particles, brake garbage and the emissions from the plastic and other materials in the car also contribute to air pollution. Bikes, on the other hand, don’t present this problem and opting to ride instead of drive is a very powerful way to cut back on the pollution you produce over the course of your day.

Secondly, manufacturing a bike takes far less energy than assembling a car. Factories use energy to create their products and emissions into the air goes along with this. When you choose a bike, you are choosing an option that didn’t release as many pollutants while it was being made. Estimates show that several tons of waste and nearly 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution are produced for each car that is manufactured. Painting the cars adds about 40 million pounds of pollutants into the air.

Finally, bikes don’t require any motor oil or batteries to operate. Not only does production of those items cause pollution, but they release pollution into the air when used and when disposed of. Bikes are a clean and green solution to the problem.

Even when considering hybrid cars, bikes are still more environmentally friendly. Hybrid cars are still much larger than a bicycle and still require a battery, which clearly has known carcinogens. Hybrid cars often have nickel batteries and nickel mining contributes to air pollution as well. Hybrids also still require gas to run, while bikes do not.

When you choose a bike over a car, you are less likely to go further because it’s hard to ride a bike for long distances. When you’re in the car, it’s easier to travel further from home, which releases even more pollutants into the air around you.

Air pollution can cause all kinds of health issues, from cancer to asthma to skin issues. When you do your part to reduce the amount of pollution in the air by riding your bike instead of hopping in the car, you dramatically reduce the amount of air pollution in your community. Because bikes are operated on muscle power instead of gasoline, you can get from place to place without worrying about harming the environment. Bikes are much more affordable than vehicles and are an ideal choice for anyone who lives close to their workplace and can get to shopping and other errands quickly and close to home.

IELTS Writing Sample - Environmental Pollution And Housing Problems

IELTS Practice

Some people think that government should focus on reducing environmental pollution and housing problems to help people prevent illnesses and diseases. To what extent do you agree and disagree?

How many words? How long?

One Possible Solution: (Nothing is perfect! Please take this as an example only!)

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The effects of environmental pollution are indeed detrimental to health of the people, as well as the inadequate housing facilities such as the absence of toilet and unsanitary living conditions. Thus, I strongly agree that there is a pressing need for the government to develop effective ways in solving this problem.

Industrial factories such as cement and coal mine are known to regularly release toxic chemicals to the air and rivers. As a result, by ingesting contaminated air and water, local communities will develop lung problems like pneumonia and asthma while others also suffer from cancer. One extensive measure that a government can do is to conduct regular spot examinations to know if proper procedure is being followed. Consequently, a harder punishment should be imposed such as 20 years imprisonment or a minimum of 5 million dollars if an accident occurs. A good example of this is the explosion that occurred at the factory in China which caused serious lung problems to the villagers, officials who were involved are expected to receive severe punishment.

Moreover, poor living conditions due to unavailability of proper housing areas compromise families’ health. Infectious diseases such as dysentery, amoeba and typhoid fever are easily transmitted from one person to the other especially when there is an absence of a toilet in the house. It is a fact that a number of families in poor neighborhood share communal toilets which is definitely unsanitary. However, this can be resolved by providing free housing to the less fortunate families. Each unit should contain a toilet and appropriate kitchen to promote hygienic food handling preparation. For instance, according to the Malaysian Department of Health, there was a significant drop of the number of people who acquired infectious diseases when families provided shelter at no cost.

In conclusion, it is highly important for the government to provide necessary action with regards to pollution and housing problems to enhance the health status of the nation.

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How To Reduce Pollution - Problem Solution Essay Sample

four years in college How To Reduce Pollution

When concerning the planet, one needs to be aware of the prominence of their actions and the impact that they have. In modern day, pollution is considered to be one of the largest and most influential factors on global disarray. According to dosomething.org, an organization that strives to produce social and political change, pollution affects over 100 million people, killing thousands of sea mammals every year, making many lakes in America too polluted to inhabit or use recreationally. While the negative impacts that pollution has brought to Earth are disadvantageous to say the least, there is still time and opportunity to make simplistic lifestyle changes to alter the world for the better.

What is pollution?

Simply put, pollution is a general contamination in an environment. The contamination can be of air, water, and soil, along with other types, through natural causes or as a result of human actions. An example of a natural cause of pollution could be the aftermath of a volcanic eruption or pollen dispersal. An example of adverse human impact on the Earth would be water pollution through the spraying insecticides or the dumping of industrial wastes. Pollution causes an adverse change in both local and global scales.

How pollution can be reduced

There are many different ways to minimize ones carbon footprint. There are simple lifestyle changes that may be implemented which can ease the harm that is being done to the planet on a global scale.

Turn electronics such as lights, computers, television and other electronic appliances off to preserve energy when the items are not in use.

Fumes from gas cause a large amount of air pollution, so minimizing driving by carpooling with coworkers, neighbors, friends, or using a bus can cut down on air pollution.

  • Consider driving alternatives

    Other alternative options such as biking, walking, or using a car marketed for low pollution and electronic energy opposed to gas.

  • Buy and use Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

    Avoiding cleaners that are filled with noxious chemicals and fumes which harm the environment and air is another great step in minimizing the harsh effects on the environment.

  • Be aware of cleaner disposal

    Phosphorus is a leading ingredient in many cleaners, and the dumping of these agents can lead to an excess growth of algae. Be wary of disposals of cleaners as well, as chemicals poured down drains flow to larger, natural bodies of water like rivers.

    The aforementioned examples are just a few of the numerous changes that are simple and effective in providing a more environmentally aware lifestyle. When facing the topic and issue of pollution, one must be aware of the effects and causes of pollution, the types, and what can be implemented to positively impact the world. Pollution is at a monumental high, but there are many outlets to affecting the environment in a positive way.

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  • IELTS band 8 essay sample: Should fuel prices be increased to reduce pollution? IELTS

    IELTS band 8 essay sample: Should fuel prices be increased to reduce pollution? IELTS essay topic

    Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    What other measures do you think might be effective?

    Band 8 essay sample

    Over the last two decades there has been a massive increase in the number of vehicles on the road. This can be attributed to the increased buying power of people; however, it has also led to traffic problems and pollution in big cities.

    Some people argue that this problem can be solved to a great extent by increasing fuel prices. I do not agree with this opinion because it can cause a ripple effect.

    The decision to increase the price of petrol could make people think twice before using their personal vehicle. However, the other effects of this price hike should also be analyzed before taking such a decision. Petrol being the basic requirement for transportation, any hike in the price of petrol will increase the overall inflation in the country. Moreover it will cause hardship to daily commuters and school students. This will also result in a skewed supply chain relationship of petrol as a commodity.

    There are other alternatives that the government could explore to curb pollution and traffic. The government could, for example, decentralize urban areas and develop small cities. Developing the infrastructure by constructing flyovers and alternate routes is another viable alternative. Big cities could also try a metro rail network connecting key hubs. In addition to the above, government could modify school timings to further ease traffic congestion.

    To summarize, infrastructure developments could be planned and implemented with the future vehicle growth in mind. Infrastructure development will also go a long way in improving the overall economy of the country.