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It was a hot. sunnyday in the middle of July. The noontime air was warm and steamy. I was tan and happy. My. igger. Any fall I took would have been fatal. I was happy and enjoying every second. Although I was hot and sweaty from my strenuous climb, the air began to get cold, unlike the hot weather I had left. y head was in the clouds. There was nothing below me, only the swirling gusts of wind. I forgot how hot and tired I was. I was in a daze. It was calming and exhilarating all at once. I might as well h.

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nown, but not many people understand it.3. It is not unusual to hear someone complaining about a hotday or a freak storm and remark, “its global warming”. Well, is it? Although there has been a. n the atmosphere.7. Think of the earth sort of like your car sitting out in the parking lot on a hotsunnyday. Your car is always warmer than the outside temperature if it’s been sitting there fo.

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It was a hotsunnyday and the temperature on the court had exceeded 100 degrees. I had been playing for thre. time I picked up a racket until now. Tennis is a game that deals with all phases of technique, and shot -making, but it has taught me more than that. From taking private lessons to traveling for tourna. thing someone does, he or she has to take risks. Risk-taking in tennis is tennis is going for your shot s and not holding back, and that is something that I have acquired over the many competitive matc.

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Sunny (song)

Infobox Single
Name = Sunny

Artist = Bobby Hebb
from Album = Sunny
B-side = "Bread"
Released = 1966
Format =
Recorded = Bell Sound Studios, New York City
Genre =
Length = 2:44
Label = Philips
Writer = Bobby Hebb
Producer = Jerry Ross
Certification =
Last single =
This single = "Sunny"
Next single = " A Satisfied Mind "
(1966) "Sunny " is the name of a song written by Bobby Hebb. It is one of the most covered popular songs, with hundreds of versions released. BMI rates "Sunny" number 25 in its "Top 100 songs of the century".

Hebb wrote the song after suffering a double tragedy - a national loss followed by a personal one: On 22 November 1963. the day after US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Hebb's older brother Harold was killed in a knife fight outside a Nashville nightclub. Hebb was devastated by both events and many critics say that those events inspired the tune. Others claims Bobby wrote the song for God. Certainly, events influenced Bobby's songwriting, but his timeless melody, crossing over into R&B (#3 on U.S. R&B chart) Country and Pop (#2 on U.S. Pop chart), together with the optimistic lyrics, came from the artist's desire to express that one should always "look at the bright side" - a direct quote from the author. Hebb has said about "Sunny":

"All my intentions were just to think of happier times – basically looking for a brighter day – because times were at a low tide. After I wrote it, I thought "Sunny" just might be a different approach to what Johnny Bragg was talking about in 'Just Walkin' in the Rain'".

"Sunny" was originally part of an 18 song demo recorded by producer Jerry Ross, also famous for Spanky and Our Gang. Keith's "98.6" and Jay and the Techniques (Hebb was the first artist to cover "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie", in fact, but didn't want to be considered a novelty act and let the song go to Jay Proctor). "Sunny" was first recorded in Japan by Mieko "Miko" Hirota - the "Connie Francis" of Japan, where it was said to have done well on the charts. In America it was released by vibraphonist Dave Pike on Atlantic Records in 1965 on the " Jazz for the Jet Set " album, a full year before Philips released the 45 version produced by Ross and arranged by Joe Renzetti. This information was made public - as well as sounds from the first two versions of "Sunny", on the BBC's celebrated "Songlines" program in early 2006.

"Sunny" was recorded at Bell Sound Studios in New York City and released as a single in 1966. It met an immediate success, which resulted in Hebb touring in 1966 with The Beatles.

Infobox Single
Name =Sunny

Artist = Boney M.
from Album = Take The Heat Off Me
Released = November 22, 1976
Format = 7" Single
Genre = Pop / Europop / Disco
Length = 4.01
Label = flagicon|West Germany Hansa Records (FRG)
flagicon|United Kingdom Atlantic Records (UK)
flagicon|United States Atco Records (US)
Writer = Bobby Hebb
Producer = Frank Farian
Last single = "Daddy Cool "
This single = "Sunny"
Next single = " Ma Baker "
(1977) "Sunny " is a cover version of Bobby Hebb 's 1966 hit, recorded by German band Boney M. produced by Frank Farian and arranged by Stefan Klinkhammer in a disco arrangement. [ [http://www.musiclange.com/ musiclange.com ] ] It was taken from their 1976 debut album " Take the Heat Off Me ", following their breakthrough single "Daddy Cool" and was another major hit single that topped the German charts. It has been remixed in 1988 and 1999 (it was a minor hit single early 2000) and was sampled by Boogie Pimps for their 2004 version. While Liz Mitchell sang the original lead vocals on Boney M.'s version, original member Maizie Williams recorded a solo version in 2006. Hebb himself released a disco version of the song in 1976. and had minor success on Billboard's R&B chart.

The single was backed by a non-album track "New York City", a reworked version of Farian artist Gilla 's 1976 hit single "Tu es!" / "Why Don't You Do It" with an intro borrowed from the album track "Help Help", issued only in some territories instead of "Baby Do You Wanna Bump".

Infobox Single
Name = Sunny (Remix)

Artist = Boney M.
from Album = 20th Century Hits
Released = February 7, 2000
Format = CD single. 12" single
Genre = Pop / Europop / Disco
Label = flagicon|West Germany BMG Records
Writer = Bobby Hebb
Producer = Frank Farian
Last single = " Hooray! Hooray! (Caribbean Night Fever) "
This single = "Sunny (Remix)"
Next single = "Daddy Cool (Remix)"
(2001) The final single off Boney M.'s unsuccessful remix album " 20th Century Hits " stalled at a disappointing #80 in the Swiss charts and failed to chart elsewhere. The CD single was released with 8 mixes. A "London Mix" was released on the promotional double-12" single.

* Boney M. 2000: "Sunny (Remixes)" (BMG 74321 73824 2, 2000)
# "Sunny" (Radio Edit) - 3:31
# "Sunny" (Radio Remix - Disco Club) - 3:35
# "Sunny" (Extended Version) - 4:47
# "Sunny" (Disco Club Mix) - 5:46
# "Sunny" (Club Mix) - 4:45
# "Sunny" (House Mix) - 4:55
# "Sunny" (London Vocal Mix) - 3:34
# "Sunny" (Space Mix) - 4:51

Promotional 12" Single
* Boney M. 2000: "Sunny (Remixes)" (BMG 74321 73823 1, 2000)
**A1. "Sunny" (Extended Version) - 4:47
**A2. "Sunny" (Club Mix) - 4:45
**B. "Sunny" (Space Mix) - 4:51
**C1. "Sunny" (Disco Club Mix) - 5:46
**C2. "Sunny" (House Mix) - 4:55
**D1. "Sunny" (London Mix)- 5:56
**D2. "Sunny" (London Vocal Mix) - 3:34

Infobox Single
Name = Sunny ( Mousse T. Remix)

Artist = Boney M.
from Album = The Magic of Boney M.
Released = November, 2006
Format = Digital Download
Genre = Pop / Europop / Disco
Producer = Frank Farian
Last single = "Daddy Cool (Remix)"
This single = "Sunny (Mousse T. Remixes)"

A download-only single from the group's 2006 compilation The Magic of Boney M.

* "Sunny (Mousse T. Remix)" ( digital download. Sony BMG )
# "Sunny" (Mousse T. Radio Mix) - 3:21
# "Sunny" (Mousse T. Sexy Disco Radio Mix) - 3:27
# "Sunny" (Mousse T. Extended Radio Mix) - 4:17
# "Sunny" (Mousse T. Sexy Disco Club Mix) - 5:48

Other cover versions

* Many other artists have recorded versions of the song. Georgie Fame 's and Cher 's issues both charted in the UK Top 75 in 1966. Other covering artists include James Brown and Marva Whitney. Robert Mitchum. the Classics IV. the Electric Flag. Jose Feliciano. Luis Miguel. Stevie Wonder. Ella Fitzgerald. The Four Seasons. the Four Tops. Marvin Gaye. Jamiroquai. Stanley Jordan. Mina. Jimmy Smith. Johnny Mathis. Les McCann. Chris Montez. Leonard Nimoy. Wilson Pickett. Buddy Richard. Del Shannon. Oscar Peterson with Joe Pass and Ray Brown. Dusty Springfield. Cher. War. and the Twinset featuring Barnaby Weir.
* Frank Sinatra covered "Sunny" with Duke Ellington on their collaborative album, " Francis A. & Edward K. ".
* Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass made an instrumental version of "Sunny" on the LP album "The Brass Are Comin'" launched in 1969 (A & M SP 4228).
* There are two compilations of versions of Sunny released on the Trocadero label in Germany.
* Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz wrote an essay about the tune for the All Music Guide and Bobby Hebb has released two duets (one with Pat Appleton) on the Tuition label out of Germany (2006) re-released in America on Allegro in 2007. Jerry Ross is thinking of releasing the original 18 song acoustic tape which contains the demo version of "Sunny", this would be on his Heritage label. Bobby Hebb performed a double-sided disco version of "Sunny" which was released on Laurie Records in 1975 co-produced and arranged by Joe Renzetti. The original 1966 version was #1 in Cashbox and should have been #1 in Billboard, just as "Louie Louie" was a legitimate #1 that lingered at #2 for some unknown reason.
* Cris Barber recorded a version of the song on her 2008 album This Moment to Be Free .
* Christophe Willem covered the song in 2006 (#3 in France, #9 in Belgium (Wallonia), #17 in Switzerland). ["Sunny", by C.Willem, in French, Belgian (Wallonia) and Swiss Singles Charts [http://lescharts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Christophe+Willem&titel=Sunny&cat=s Lescharts.com ] (Retrieved April 29. 2008 ) ]
* Mark Ronson did a live cover with Candie Payne at the Electric Proms

Wikimedia Foundation. 2010 .

Essay on Winter and Sunny Weather Systems - essays research papers

Essay on Winter and Sunny Weather Systems

Weather is a fascinating subject. It is such an intricate and amazing process, which our mother earth goes through on a daily basis. All over the world, weather seems to be a very important aspect for our everyday lives. For instance; sunny weather can bring on a very harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, while cloudy and rainy weather can bring about tragedy. In 1998; the earth experienced an El Nino which brought on fierce weather, flooding, and hurricanes. Weather systems are very broad and detailed, so please; sit back and enjoy as I attempt to tackle the subject of weather systems.
Throughout my essay, I will be using the scientific methodology in my research methods to determine what I know, what I want to know, and the many unanswered questions that exist. Before I dig any deeper into the complicated weather systems, I will first describe a very important detail to our “weather drama.” There is a very distinctive body of air called an air mass. This distinctive body of air is the effect of the surface on the air, which created regional, homogeneous masses of air having specific conditions of temperature, humidity, and stability. These masses of air interact to produce weather patterns.
I will explain the differences between winter and summer weather patterns. By using inductive reasoning, we know that winter generally brings cold, and wet weather, while summer generally brings hot, dry weather. By using deductive reasoning, I will now discuss the logistics behind winter weather and summer weather.
Cyclonic storms shift across the continent along storm tracks. These storm tracks shift lattitudinally with the sun and seasons, therefore creating what we know to be the summer months, autumn months, winter months and spring months. The typical storm tracks that cross North America are farther southward in winter.
I will be discussing a weather system for North America, and specifically for California. Here in the North, we have what is called Continental polar, or cP. These cP air masses form only in the Northern hemisphere and are most developed in the winter when they dominate cold weather conditions. An area covered by cP air experienced cold, stable air and clear skies. North America also has what is called Maritime Polar, or mP air masses. mP air masses are in t.

. middle of paper.

. and sulfate aerosols. Pollutants play a key role in the hot summer weather. Due to the hole, which has been created in the ozone layer from continuous Anthropogenic pollutants, the UV rays are extremely dangerous to humans, plants, and animals. Smog is also responsible for the hazy sky and reduced sunlight in many of our cities including LA, and Mexico City.
We will now discuss Aledo. The reflective quality of a surface is a fascinating process in which we call the Albedo effect. This involves surface color, angle of sun, and surface texture. A portion of arriving sunlight bounces right back into space without being absorbed or performing any work. This returned energy is called reflection albedo. This is the reflective quality of a surface. For instance, the snow in the high sierras has a very high reflection albedo of 80%-95%, While the forested area at big Basin has a low albedo of only 10%-25%.
As you have just read, all of these topics play a key role in weather systems. They are all so intricate, and individual, yet all seem to work together simultaneously to provide us with the daily weather patterns we experience.

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The Importance of Loss in Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams Essay - The Importance of Loss in Scott Fitzgerald's Winter Dreams In the traditional Romance narrative, there is some desirable object whose consummation is the driving preoccupation of the text's protagonist. The aspiration of the Romantic hero is to capture that elusive object that will, nevertheless, consistently out-strip him. These heroes are intimately acquainted with the pain of the loss and suffer deeply for feeling so acutely. However, loss itself, is essential to the equation and is, in fact, a large portion of what establishes the thing as desirable. [tags: Fitzgerald Winter Dreams Essays]
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Essay on Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden - Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden Those winter Sundays written by Robert Hayden is a poem to ponder for a while. The poem may look simple, but analyzing it deeply shows that is a complicated one with a well-defined sentiment of no appreciation and sorrow towards his father. These sentiments will change to the end of the poem. Also, the poem can be understood in various ways: one way could be a positive feeling from the writer towards his father or the other one could be a complaint about his father's toughness. [tags: Papers Winter Sundays Poetry Poem Hayden]
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New England Weather Essay - In the New England area, the weather is very unpredictable due to the following reasons. New England sits right in the middle of the Jet Stream, a weather pattern that remains fairly consistent as it guides the weather for the entire United States. To the north of the Jet Stream, you have very cold Arctic air, and to the south of it, you have the warm moist Gulf air. These two factors help to create a very unstable atmosphere that can change the forecast of the weather at anytime. Many New England states lie along bodies of water. [tags: essays research papers]

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