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The Best Dad In The World! Literature

My first memory of my Daddy is very clear and vivid. He was home with my older brother and I, my mother had gone to the hospital to have a baby. He made Chappy and I asaro with lots of meat. I still remember the plates we used and where I was seated. We were getting prepared to go out and were so happy we could barely sit still. We went visiting Mummy and our baby brother, Opiki, who was born the day before. My 3rd birthday came 2 days later.

My Daddy was my hero, my superman, my greatest cheerleader, my sounding board, my confidant, my friend. He was always there to help, to encourage and to reprimand. There was absolutely nothing we didn’t talk about. He was a great listener, he never judged me. Yet he was an impartial arbiter, and he was firm in resolving petty sibling quarrels which occurred often.
My love for literature and politics and hunger for learning came from my Daddy. We had and still have (to some extent, thank you Mr. Nobody for stealing our books) a large and diverse library in my house. Medical dictionaries (Opiki almost became a hypochondriac until Daddy hid those), Stephen King novels, Kama Sutra, books by Amos Tutuola. Before one session was over in university I already had my books for the next, and I’d have gone through and discussed half of my syllabus with my Daddy. This wasn’t peculiar to me, my brothers and I fought over who collected the newspapers from the vendor as that person got to read them first!

My Daddy was just one call away. Wherever I was in Lagos all I had to do was call and he will come to pick me up. Whatever the time of the day or night he will pick up the phone as soon as it rang and he listened and soothed whatever pain or worry it was away. He visited me almost every day when I was in university. Everyone in my faculty knew my Daddy and most times he didn’t have to call me for me to know he was around. In fact, I used to hang out with my lecturers even before I was admitted to the faculty. Okiki, we never quite had the chance to do our LLM together.

The day he died I lost my friend. It was a day no different from any other, it started out uneventful. Work went on as usual but I felt this heaviness in my heart, I felt bereft. I called home everyone seemed fine. “How’s Daddy?” I asked. I was told he was fine doing okay, he was sleeping. I felt uneasy, I felt terribly unhappy. I didn’t want to go home after work and I didn’t feel like speaking with anyone so I decided to go to the cinema. I saw “Silver Lining’s Playbook” and I felt I could relate to more than half of the characters. I loved the movie. I was skeptical initially as I wasn’t sure I would like it and when I realised that I did I turned my phone notifications, I didn’t want to be disturbed. I got the news that my Daddy had passed immediately the movie ended. Bad news never has good timing. Chappy called me. Be strong he said, Daddy is gone. I later saw that Opiki had been calling me during the movie; he was on his way home from work when he got a very random call from one of my Daddy’s friends. He suspected that the worst may have happened and he wanted to prepare. Of course I practiced what I learnt from the movie, it is okay to act crazy some times. I cried I screamed and brought the house down. People ran out of shops and cinema halls wondering what was going on. Yes, I am the girl who lost it at Silverbird Entertainment Centre on 20th March, 2013.

You see my Daddy had been ill for some months. We hoped, we prayed, we worried, we cried to God that he will get better. I didn’t realise how deeply affected I was until one night I woke up and realised I had been praying and crying out loud in my sleep. The worst part of it all is the hope. Rising and falling, like the tide. Seeing a loved one who was strong and healthy gradually deteriorate physically and then pass on. There were bad days and there were good days. But I thank God for every moment spent together. I have no regrets, we said everything, and nothing was left unsaid.

We didn’t know how wonderful he was until we lost him. He meant different things to different people. The pastor of a church in our neighbourhood told the crowd gathered at the Christian wake keeping in his honour that my Daddy was the major contributor to the building of the church. My Dad wasn’t a member of the church. There were testimonies from people who had known him for over 50 years, 7 years and just one month. It’s a wonder he had time for his nuclear and extended family, his friends and everyone he helped and mentored. We laid my Daddy to rest singing his favourite hymns and the CMS Grammar School song. We wept listening to the songs because we could hear him singing in our minds. He loved to sing.

He fought valiantly and, as Chappy said, he bore it all with equanimity and with the knowledge that Jesus was waiting to receive him on the other side. We did our best and I am indeed grateful that he could see how well loved he was. He demanded to go to home and he had his family and friends around him until the very end.

I miss my friend. I see his passing as a denouement. I find myself wondering, “Where do I go from here?” Sometimes I am overwhelmed with emotion. I feel lost and unable to muster up the zeal or interest to do anything. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up in 5 years. I look around and I am genuinely amazed to see people happy. However, most of the time I rise above the dark clouds and pick myself up. I hear his voice, I hear him laughing, he tells me he is in a much better place, he is happy and without pain. He is with the Lord.

I have to move ahead. He asked me to remember the good times, to hold on to those memories. I will hold on to them, I will keep them dear. I will preserve the good name, the legacy he left behind.

Happy fathers day!

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Rich dad and poor dad Essay - 1308 Words

rich dad and poor dad

Fatima May Del Monte
This story about Rich Dad, Poor Dad it inspires a lot of people who already read this book. It gives us motivation in life. We all know everyone has a purpose in life. Educational attainment is important to have a successful life in the future. Treasure your knowledge about the things you’ve learned. Make some experienced like working in a company and pay yourself and buy a reward for you. By sharing your knowledge to everyone that you talked to has a chance to have more ideas in what you do. Be dedicated about your work; it is important to get involved in some investment, business ventures to have a secure and comfortable life. Used your skills about how to hold your finances right. “Rich does not work for money” they’ve work for keeping safe and the willingness to learn something new. They classify the standard of living, the powers that influenced many people and the money that controls all the necessities in the world. In the ‘Rat Race’ game in the monopoly board it shows how the player needs information to invest in a good deal to win the game and how you spent your money wisely. He never exits because he keeps going around, always returning to the same place where he was before. Once we find ways to make more money working more to pay for our expenses, we find new ways to spend our money, which in turn gets us into more expenses. That is why we never find the exit from and will keep running in the rat race. Most of us got used to it because that is what almost everybody gets from life, but if you think about it for a while; we want to get out the rat race to be able to be financially independent and have a control of our lives. Many people trapped in a rat race because they do not know manage finances are important to value your money. Even if you are rich or poor you will think a good investment and keeping your money more useful and productive.

The rich man has to.

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SUMMARY Robert Kiyosaki, author and narrator of the book shared his story about him having two fathers. The first one was his biological father whom he called as the “POORDAD ” and the other was his best friend’s father whom he called as the “RICHDAD ”. His two fathers taught him how to be successful in life but with different methods and attitudes. While reading the book, it became to apparent which of the author’s two father’s turned out to be more effective when it comes to financial success. The author made a fair comparison between his richdad and poordad principles, ideas, financial practices, enthusiasm and how his real dad struggled but highly educated person receded against his best friend’s father in terms of financial achievements. The author compared his real dad to those people who were running in the “Rat Race”, a race where helpless people trapped in a nasty cycle of needing more money but unable to satisfy their wants, needs and dreams for wealth because of lack in financial knowledge or what the author termed as financial literacy. People spent so much time in school learning about the real world but acquired nothing important about money for it was never taught in school. While his richdad . signifies the independent wealthy core of society who deliberately took the chance of power.

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Lessons from “RichDad . PoorDad ” by Robert Kiyosaki Being rich in the near future is everybody’s dream. Our notion of being rich is having all the money to buy all our wants and needs without exerting much effort. As a child, we are sent to school for which the primary reason is to learn, so that in the future, we would obtain stable jobs. It is with this same reason that the author of the book emphasized why a lot never get rich . Through this reading, I gained a lot of insights which will help us start up as we live in the real world, where money is central. The book contrasted ideas between two fathers, the rich and the poor . It is apparently seen that the richdad is creative, while the poordad is practical. The richdad lets the children think and learn from their experience, and the poordad teaches his child to learn based from the norms of society. With this, I learned the first lesson: we should all think smart. We should learn to escape from the norms of society because it flows one way. If we want to become rich . we should all think smart, and learn to choose from different paths. I also learned from this part that life pushes us around just as the kid demanded for the price pay. The lesson is that we must.

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 "RichDad . PoorDad " (Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter) Short summary of the book Prove to you that in order to get rich . all do not need to earn a lot; Dissuade you of the fact that the house is a successful investment; Parents will understand that we cannot rely solely on the school; Explain once and for all, where better to invest; We will help you teach your children to properly handle money and to achieve material well-being in the future. Six lessons: The rich do not work for money; Why is financial literacy? Start your business; How the taxes and what did is the benefit of corporations; The rich invent money; Work not for money but for the experience. Introduction A critical review of the book "RichDad . PoorDad " What the rich teach their children and parents do not teach the poor book by Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter. From this book i just want to point out that the subject of financial and investment culture is very capacious. All aspects of the topic covered in this article unfortunately does not succeed. What is clear is that this book is worth reading, as the noble goals set by the authors instill investment culture of parents and their children. It is recommended to purchase the game cashflow to play.

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RichDad . PoorDad Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter This book was written about a man who had “two fathers” ' one who had a Ph.D and the other who barely finished 8th grade. One of the fathers was actually his friend’s father, but someone who the author looked up to and appreciated very much. The other father was his own ' who he also looked up to and appreciated, but who did not teach him much about money or finance. The first lesson of this book is: the rich don’t work for money. It starts with two young boys (the author and a friend) who decide to go into a partnership together to make money. After their first try at making lead nickels was unsuccessful, they decided to get advice from “the richdad ”. When they met with him, the richdad told them he would pay them 10 cents an hour to work for him. So, instead of going to play baseball, the two boys decided to stay and work. After working for that low wage for a few weeks, the author was ready to quit. However, after a talk with “richdad ” the author learned this ' the poor and middle class work for money; the rich have money work for them”. It is easy to fall into the idea of “job security”, but it should be more exciting to search for something with a little more risk that offers more chances for financial growth.

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In the book RichDadPoorDad by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter the author who is also the narrator talks about how to educate yourself and your kids about money and how to control your money instead of letting it control you. The author grew up in Hawaii in a middle class family but had the chance to learn about money from his rich friend, Mike whose father in the book is referred to as his richdad . The lessons concentrate on six major points of view that his richdad taught him. He also compares and contrasts the advice he got from both of his fathers. His poordad (who is his biological father) was a very educated man but he didn’t know how to make, use and invest his money. He concentrated more on the stability of money and thought that vacations, health insurance and working for a good company is very important. In the book the author says that his richdad told him “Study hard so you can find a good company to work for.” Unlike what his richdad taught him which was “Study hard so you can find a good company to buy.” His rich father only finished 8th grade and did not continue with school but had a lot of street smarts. The author had a hard time picking which dads advise to listen to and at the end he picked the.

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book made a big impact on me, despite it’s being moronic. Read on if you want the details. Chapter One - RichDad . PoorDad In Chapter One Kiyosaki lays the groundwork of the story then ends it with the poem “The road not taken” by Robert Frost to give you the idea that you are about to learn how to do things differently, and that will make all the difference… Of course the irony is that since you are reading a NY Times best seller, by reading the book you are actually taking a path very much traveled by. Chapter Two - The Rich Don’t Work For Money The book begins as an autobiography of a young boy growing up surrounded by kids who were apparently much more well off than he and his friend. They were mocked by their friends for not having the latest clothes and toys, and they decided they needed to learn how to make money. Bob’s own dad was a government worker who didn’t earn a great salary, but his friend Mike’s dad was an entrepreneur who actually owned several businesses. For the rest of the book, Kiyosaki compares his own dad’s, “poor dad’s”, philosophies to Mike’s dad’s, “rich dad’s”, philosophies on money. Rich Dad’s Lesson #1 “The poor and the middle class work for money. The rich have money work for them.” The book actually starts off as a very interesting read, and it makes a very useful.

2141 Words | 6 Pages

Contact Details A) Regional offices of Higher Education :Sr. No. 1 Name of the Joint Director Address Joint Director of Higher Education 3, Mahapalika Marg, Dhobi Talav, Vistar No.3, Mumbai-1 Joint Director of Higher Education, 17, Dr, Ambedkar Marg, Pune-01. Joint Director of Higher Education, Vidynagari, Sagarmaal, Rajaram College Area, Kolhapur-4. Joint Director of Higher Education, Old Morris College Area, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Nagpur-1. Joint Director of Higher Education, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran office st building, 1 floor, Behind Grahak Court. Jalgaon -1. Joint Director of Higher Education, Vidhrab institute Area, Amarvati-64. Joint Director of Higher Education, Padampura, Station Road, Near Devgiri College, Aurangabad-1. Phone No. 022-22656600 022-22691528 Fax No. 22656600 E-mail jdhe_mumbai@rediffmail.com jdhemumbai@yahoo.co.in jd@jdhemumbai.org.in jdhere@dataone.in jdhepune@yahoo.co.in jdhepune@gmail.com jtdirhekopre@diffmail.com jtdirhekop@sancharnet.in jdhengp@rediffmail.com Dr. Smt. Manjusha Molawane 2 Dr. N. M. Kadu 020-26127833 020-26051632 0231-2535400 0231-2535454 0712-2524231 26237833 2535400 3 Dr. B. B. Kadam 2561713 4 Dr. Ajit Deshmukh 0257-2238510 2238510 jdhe_jal@yahoo.co.in 5 Dr. A. P. Manekar 0721-2531235 25311235 6 Dr. B. B. Chaudhary jdheamt@yahoo.com jdheamt@rediffmail.com jdheaur2007@rediffmail.com 0240-2331913 2331913 7 Prof. Mohd. Faiyyaz 8.

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Reaction Paper on the story, RICHDAD . POORDAD Submitted by: IJ L. MADERA The story teaches us different outlooks in life that everyone must choose in order for them to live an achieving living. People have different perspectives on their existence; different decisions to make, ideas, and principles that reflect there persona of whom they are and of what causes them to be of what they are now. The book tells us on how a two dissimilar man; the rich man with very little education but financially knowledgeable, very skilled in the investment game because that’s all he did and the poor man struggle for success through education but lacks financial literacy that he spent so much time in school learning about the problems in the world, but have not acquired any valuable lessons about money and other financial related matters. This book reduces two fundamental concepts: a can do attitude and fearless entrepreneurship which was portrayed by the two dads . The author presents six major lessons which one must inculcate in one’s wits such as the rich don’t work for money, the importance of financial literacy, minding one’s own business, importance of taxes and corporations, on how rich people invent money and the need to work, to learn and not to work for money. From the beginning of the story, the author gives much emphasis on accounting knowledge. It.

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