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English Essay 1000 Words Movie

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English essay 1000 words movie

English essay 1000 words movie

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English essay 1000 words movie - views women

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Top 1000 words in UK English

Top 1000 Words

The following are the 1000 most common wordforms in UK English, based on 29 works of literature by 18 authors (4.6 million words) and Rosengren's modified frequency, with case-equated matching. Words can include hyphen and apostrophe.

abs is the absolute frequency (total number of occurrences); r is the range (number of texts in which the word occurs); mod is the modified frequency as defined by Rosengren (1972).

Distribution of modified frequency:

Omitted in compiling this list: John London England English George Tom. The texts range from 26000 words (Alice in Wonderland) to 360000 (David Copperfield).

Absolute frequency is a notoriously noisy indicator of the commonness of a word; a particular word may occur a large number of times in total but in only a few texts. For a discussion of the problem see the introduction of Russian Learners' Dictionary by Nicholas J. Brown (1996).

Rosengren's modified frequency of a word is defined as follows

x_i is the number of occurrences in the i th text, and d_i is the (fractional) size of the text. KF stands for korrigierte Frequenz (corrected frequency).

Modified frequency has the property that it is less than or equal to the absolute frequency, with equality if and only if the word is evenly distributed (same relative frequency in all texts).

The ratio mod/abs can be taken as a measure of the evenness of distribution of a word. On that basis the most evenly distributed words in the above list are

and the most unevenly

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English 433: Post-Colonial Literatures

Essay Topics Analytical Essay (750 words)

Respond to ONE of the following questions in a coherent and logical essay, supporting your point of view with a close analysis of the pertinent images, stylistic characteristics and thematic implications of the work on the course.

  1. What is the significance of the “stone hammer” in Robert Kroetsch’s “Stone Hammer Poem”?
  2. How does Margaret Atwood characterize the landscape in “Progressive Insanities of a Pioneer”?
  3. Why is Kyoti considered “just a dream of the old People” in Jeannette Armstrong’s “This is a Story”?
  4. What are the cultural implications of Sarosh’s constipation in “Squatter” by Rohinton Mistry?
Critical Essay (1000 words)

Choose one of the following topics. Devise a thesis and support your argument with specific references to the appropriate novel from the course:

  1. The destruction and reconstruction of identity in The English Patient .
  2. The symbolic significance of “swimmers” in The English Patient .
  3. Hana as a “civilizing” presence in The English Patient .
  4. A “treacherous and complex journey”: the significance of the relationship of Kip and Hana.
  5. The reasons for and consequences of the English patient’s hatred of nations.
  6. The significance of the “Phantom” in Jack Maggs .
  7. The “colonization” and “decolonization” of Mercy Larkin.
  8. The meaning of “home” in Jack Maggs .
  9. Criminality as a consequence of colonialism in Jack Maggs .
  10. Authorship as appropriation in Jack Maggs .
Essays 3 and 4 Research Essays (2000 words each)

Compare a novel and one or two other works on the course in terms of one of the following topics, drawing on relevant post-colonial critical works and theories (print and/or Internet) in support of your argument. Do not write on works that you have used for the other assignments.

  1. The function of memory in the creation of individual and/or social history.
  2. The intersections of East and West in two works.
  3. The use of irony to contest or undermine colonial relationships.
  4. Images of isolation in the post-colonial experience.
  5. The fragmentation of families in the post-colonial experience.
  6. Paradise or Hell?—conflicting images of the post-colonial world.
  7. Interracial misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  8. The function and significance of storytelling.
  9. Failed love affairs as indicators of post-colonial trauma.
  10. Revolution: social, political, and personal.

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1000 Words

1000 Words may refer to:
* The Thousand Character Classic. a Chinese poem used as a primer for teaching Chinese characters to children
* 1000 Words (Final Fantasy X-2). a song for the video game "Final Fantasy X-2"
* A Thousand Words (Savage Garden). a 1997 song by Savage Garden
* A mobile game developed and published by Gameloft
* A picture is worth a thousand words

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