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Humble meaning - definition of humble by Mnemonic Dictionary

(verb) cause to be unpretentious

Example Sentence
  • This experience will humble him

(verb) cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of

Example Sentence
  • He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss

(adj) low or inferior in station or quality

Example Sentence
  • a humble cottage
  • a lowly parish priest
  • a modest man of the people
  • small beginnings

(adj) marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful

Example Sentence
  • a humble apology
  • essentially humble. and self-effacing, he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions

(adj) used of unskilled work (especially domestic work)

(adj) of low birth or station (`base' is archaic in this sense)

Example Sentence
  • baseborn wretches with dirty faces
  • of humble (or lowly) birth

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for humble

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Chiasmus: Definitions and Examples

I. What is Chiasmus?

Chiasmus comes from a Greek word meaning “crossed,” and it refers to a grammatical structure that inverts a previous phrase. That is, you say one thing, and then you say something very similar, but flipped around.

Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty

Chiasmus usually occurs on the sentence level, but can also be found in much broader structures – that is, you might have a paragraph that talks about a town, a state, a country, and the world, then goes back down in reverse order at the end. However, these structures are much harder to see (and their rhetorical value is pretty debatable), so this article will focus only on chiasmus at the sentence level.

Chiasmus is also called chiasm or chiasmic structure .

II. Examples of Chiasmus

Livesimply so that others might simplylive. (Gandhi)

This quote is often attributed to Gandhi, though no one is exactly sure where it comes from. It uses a chiasmus to amplify its moral point, which is that people should not be too caught up in material gain and prosperity, but should live simply and dedicate themselves to helping those in need, those whose very survival may depend on our help.

Ask not what your country can do for you ; ask what you can do for your country .” (John F. Kennedy, 1961)

This line has survived for over half a century as one of the most memorable calls to patriotic sacrifice ever made by a US President. The chiasmus in its structure may help to account for its staying power.

III. The Importance of Chiasmus

The chiasmus creates a highly symmetrical structure, and gives the impression of completeness. We seem to have “come full circle,” so to speak, and the sentence (or paragraph, etc.) seems to tie up all the loose ends. This is, of course, largely an illusion! A chiasmus can easily leave out extremely important details or considerations that make a big difference to the author’s point. But in rhetoric, what matters is the audience’s perception, and chiasmus is a great way to make readers perceive your writing as more complete.

In addition, chiasmus often uses parallelism . one of the most important structures in all of rhetoric. Parallelism is extremely effective because our brains process it much more quickly. After the brain processes that first phrase, it has already “practiced” dealing with that grammatical structure. So when it sees a second phrase with the same grammatical structure, the processing is much more efficient. Sentences with parallelism are often perceived as more memorable, humorous, and persuasive than those without parallelism, probably due to this feature of the reader’s brain.

IV. Examples of Chiasmus in Literature and Philosophy

In the pre-capitalist stages of society, commerce rules industry. In capitalist society, industry rules commerce. (Karl Marx, Das Capital)

Karl Marx loved the chiasmus. His books are full of sentences written with this structure, and they’re often pretty confusing. In this case, he’s saying that the production of goods (industry) was once dependent on the needs of shops and buyers (commerce), and thus that the goods produced were primarily valued for their usefulness. In a capitalist society, on the other hand, goods are produced as commodities, and their sale price is more important than their use-value; thus, industry becomes the dominant force and commerce adjusts to its needs instead of the other way around.

The Sabbath was made for man. not man for the Sabbath. (Mark 2:27)

In this passage, Jesus is reminding his followers that religious practices and rituals are important, but not as important as human characteristics like love, charity, and compassion. Although religious law matters, in Jesus’s view it matters far less than being a good person. His chiasmic sentence encapsulates this point quite elegantly.

All for one and one for all. (The Three Musketeers )

This very simple chiasmus has become a popular slogan with movements, organizations, and even sports teams.

V. Examples of Chiasmus in Pop Culture

The Russian Reversal is a type of joke that was very popular during the Cold War, and still influences pop culture today. Often associated with the comedian Yakov Smirnoff, this joke involves flipping the subject and object around to create a simple chiasmus. For example: “In America, you can always find party. In Soviet Russia, Party always finds you !” (Referring, of course, to the Communist Party rather than a celebration.)

The things you own end up owning you. (Tyler Durden, Fight Club )

This iconic line sums up the anti-consumerist morality espoused by Tyler Durden in Fight Club. The presence of a chiasmus, in combination with the anti-consumerism, makes the line strongly reminiscent of Karl Marx’s philosophy, and many people have seen Tyler Durden as, among other things, a symbol for an updated version of Marxism.

You can take the tiger out of the jungle. but you can’t take the jungle out of the tiger. (Hobbes, Calvin & Hobbes )

This is Hobbes’ gleeful explanation for why he’s always pouncing on Calvin at random moments. No matter where a tiger goes, it’s still wild at heart. Calvin’s sardonic response is: “But how can you get the tiger back in the jungle?”

VI. Related Terms Parallelism

In general, chiasmus is a form of parallelism – that is, the two parts of the chiasmus use the same sequence of parts of speech in the same order. To go back to our first example:

Don’t sweat the petty things

Don’t pet the sweaty things

Structure: Don’t [verb ] the [adjective ] things

Notice that the Gandhi quote from Section 2 is an example of a chiasmus without strict parallelism – can you see why?


Antithesis is also a two-part structure, and it can look very similar to a chiasmus. But there’s one very important difference: in a chiasmus, the order or relation of the ideas is inverted; in an antithesis, the ideas are replaced with their opposites. Here are a few examples of antithesis:

Notice that the underlined terms are actually replaced, rather than just being switched around as they would be in a chiasmus. A small step is the opposite of a giant leap; human is the opposite of divine, etc. If the examples were chiasmic instead, they would read:

  • “That’s one small step for a man. and one man for a small step .”
  • To err is human ; to be human is to err .”

Often, a chiasmus juxtaposes two images. The Gandhi quote from Section 2 is a good example. In this quotation, one image is of “living simply” – that is, choosing to live a modest, humble life without too many frills or material possessions. The other image is of a person “simply living,” i.e. surviving in poverty without much opportunity for prosperity or wealth. When these two images are juxtaposed, it creates a powerful moral image. It forces us to come to terms with the question of whether our wealth and prosperity has been bought at the expense of impoverished people all over the world, and in our own cities and towns.

Free Essays on Humble

Free Essays on Humble

might have many meanings - Rubbish = odpadky, idiomatically = blbost - To eat humble pie = to eat in very modest way, British idiom (humble = ponížený, pokorný) - To eat crow (AmE) = to eat humble pie Idioms – přednáška z května? - hot under the collar = you’re quite angry.

in any manner. In ‘A girl’s plea’, the girl describes that her father sees her as ‘A meek, dumb, shy, submissive, frail woman.’ She is made to ‘eat humble pie and drink sheer humiliation’ indicating that oppression was her food and drink. The torture was inevitable and on a daily basis.

success in production and sales amply justified the fact that no Ministry approval had been obtained. The Ministry of Plan Implementation had to eat humble pie and finally the crayon factory, established without authority in a moist clandestine manner, gained the full approval of the Government.

break a leg.祝你好运 You can say that again说得好 Look out当心 You don't say是吗 I don't buy it我才不信 eat at 困扰 eat crow 丢脸 eat the bread of 受到… eat into 侵蚀 eat humble pie 低头谢罪 eat one's heart out 忧伤过度 have one's cake and eat it 两者兼得 eat one's words 承认说错 eat out of someone's hand 完全顺从某人 I'm on a diet我正节食减肥中 I want.

travel to go make his earnings for the day. He would travel to a high traffic area to try to do so. He was somewhat of a musician, he was a great bit humble in his way. He would play a pennywhistle harmonizing Irish jigs. He was not a heckler or a beggar, he did not have a sign that he would hold, he simply.

conditions in which are living make the humility to be seen by the world as a weakness and not as a virtue. To be humble means to be coward or to bow your head before of all. To be humble means to don’t say anything, to shut up and to obey to everybody. This is how the world understands the humility.

pleasure to express my boundless sense of gratitude to each and every person who directly or indirectly helped me with hand and hand in completing this humble piece of work. First, of all I would like to thank Kaustubh Barooah (HR- Assistant Manager) & Khusbhoo Singh (HR-Manager) under whose.

followed the winding trail to a small, secluded spot with what looked to be the remains of a humble ashram. It seemed paradoxical why an army of these monkeys would march from their flourishing civilization to a humble ashram. From the ashram there were many smaller trails that split up and went in every.

Harry’s humility is no doubt ingrained in him during his ten miserable years of neglect and cruelty with the Dursleys. But Harry does not stop being humble when he gains fame, wealth, and popularity at Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His reaction to the discovery that everyone seems to know.

7 5.1. The Bicycle Road. 7 5.2. Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuozheng Yuan). 7 6. Suggestions.

Wheatley all call attention to humble and lowly beginnings, either of themselves or of Americans in general. Benjamin Franklin expressed through his writings that he had a purpose, and being blessed by God he succeeded his lowly beginnings. Cre’veceour looks at lowly and humble beginnings from the point of.

bye appreciation party, many of her past accomplishments were stated, and we all agreed she had a lot to be proud of. Besides being impressed by how humble Karen was about all of her accomplishments, I was impressed the most by how she reacted when she was nominated for staff member of the month a few.

The "great Emancipator  the tenacious the humble the human Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president to the United States of America one of the most distinguished presidents that saved the country and gave new birth to freedom. He was endowed with splendid wisdom, illustrious dignity, consciousness and.

The “Information Superhighway”, or Internet, is a powerful medium for today’s information driven society. From its humble beginnings as a series of networks established to help the military and government share resources, it has become a place for people to engage in commerce.

Copyright, J. Humble . 2010 ETHICAL • • • • • • Moral Right Good Fair Just Proper Copyright, J. Humble . 2010 INDUSTRIAL OR BUSINESS ETHICS • The study of what constitutes moral, right or good conduct in a business context. • BUSINESS: any for-profit organization Copyright, J. Humble . 2010 MORAL.

there can be peace in the world and in our hearts, and to help us understand that if we believe in God we will be saved and have eternal life. It is my humble opinion that if everyone understands that message, a lot of people would feel much better in their hearts. he was saviour to us all and on the cross.

The Bee as a Symbol of Nature's Innocence in Emerson's "The Humble -Bee" and Whittier's "Telling the Bees" The English custom of telling the bees when there was a death in the family, and of covering the hives with black cloth to prevent them from leaving is what Whittier's poem, "Telling the Bees" refers.

acceptance, love, appreciated, and above all else I felt value as a person. Also while sitting in the car, I recalled the elderly woman who fed me. She was humble . giving, and overall just a very gentle person.At the time I was thinking; why can't everybody be like the elderly woman I met? I was of course a stranger.

the first to win “lineal championship” in four different weight of classes. He also won many hearts of million people with his talent, humility and humble . He also was names as “Fighter of the Decade” for 2000s by Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and World Boxing.

Samuel; 1. Samuel was very humble 2. He was very obedience 3. Due to humility, Samuel was sleeping in the ‘temple’ and helping Eli and never worried even though Eli’s sons might have been living in bedrooms. Children of today must be humble and obedience to their parents teachers.

philanthropist and donated over $500 million to various causes, he was still able to die one of the wealthiest men of his time. Andrew Carnegie also came from humble beginnings. However, like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt, he made a name for himself in American history. While working as superintendent of the Pennsylvania.

English II-3 23 March 2009 Frankenstein in Depth: The Egomaniacs and the Humble people Nobody knows how exactly we were created. But we know how they are and what they have created. Country, nation, society, technology, law and regulations are all part of it. Victor has always been.

to feel the humble and prostrate piety of a true Christian was a poor decrepit old woman, bending under the weight of years and infirmities. She bore the traces of something better than abject poverty. The lingerings of decent pride were visible in her appearance. Her dress, though humble in the extreme.

wealthy, educated world that he comes from, the speaker identifies himself with the graveyard inhabitants to such a degree that he winds up in this humble graveyard after his death. In contrast to the simple graves that he pondered over throughout his life, though, the speaker’s grave is marked with a.

anything because you can’t change what’s coming for you until it’s here. My grandpa should be the model for society because he’s a humble man with humble thoughts and humble actions. He realizes what he has and doesn’t wish for anything to change. He couldn’t care less how he looks because he has the most.

Although Franklin feels like he has never accomplished this virtue, many people, including myself feel like he has. Franklin proved that he was a humble person when he wasn’t too proud to push his wheelbarrow through the streets. What made people admire Franklin was his attentiveness and honesty.

A HUMBLE SERVANT Introduction: Read Philippians 2:1-8 Begin by emphasizing verse 8 Paul grapples with teaching an attitude that should be the standard or the MO of the church. What is Culture? Culture is a complex system of behavior, values, beliefs, traditions and artifacts, which is transmitted.

What is the purpose of being humble . when should we be humble . and is being humble overrated? Do people only dislike other people for being cocky because they doubt themselves? Personally, I do not mind it much when people brag about what they have achieved or have done. More often than not, I.

first and foremost for the institution, not themselves. c. "humility + will = level 5" d. level 5 leaders are a study in duality: modest and willful, humble and fearless. 15. In contrast to good or mediocre leaders, level 5 leaders a. have a compelling modesty: b. are i-centric c. false modesty.

life that they live by, whether they actually know it or not. We all have morals and stick to them. The three laws of life I picked include: 1. If you humble yourself to the world around you and live in the present, your troubles will become miniscule compared to your happiness. 2. My advice to others is.

Bournemouth, you liked it so much we now have stores around the world. From a eureka moment the founders of Shakeaway thought there should be more to the humble milkshake, blending a packet of rolos with milk and ice cream, the first Shakeaway-style milkshake was born. Now with over 180 flavours and millions.

A Humble and Shallow Review of The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA by James D Watson As a piece of book review as regards the book The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA, written by James D. Walter in an autobiographic.

Being Humble The moment had finally come. All my closest friends came running on the field to celebrate with me. Blinding flashes from cameras continuously struck me in the eyes leaving me temporarily blinded. The Kentridge Chargers had just won the state championship and I, the middle linebacker.

Johnny with was his pride. Johnny’s ego made him a bit unlikable and he was told about it all the time. I think God let the burn to be on his hand to humble Johnny’s. That humbled Johnny because after his gift was taken away he didn’t know what to do and there was nothing for him to brag about anymore.

and has the courage to stand for them. His word is his bond and he never breaks it. He is respectful of others and holds women in high regard. He is humble and doesn’t use power to take advantage of others. Many men are not natural born leaders, and instead have a natural tendency to be passive. They.

himself] ‘…what united the major-generals was the hatred they roused in the localities’ [COWARD] 4) 1657-58: King Oliver: the significance of the Humble Petition and Advice and the prospects for settlement – conflicting views from both contempories and historians: SECOND PROTECTORATE PARLIAMENT: Called.

shall take no advantage of your weakness.” In fact, he is promised his writing, however weak, will “become strong.” In what way? It will lead the humble to an intensity of faith, hope, and charity that “bringeth [them] unto me—the fountain of all righteousness.” (Ether 12:25–28.) But why permit such.

Humble What is humble . My definition of humble is when a person thinks less of themselves and is grateful for what they have, recognizes their faults, and can admit that they are not the best at everything. Being humble is necessary to succeed in today’s society, and it is a necessity to go far.

Carton This was a man of true humble loyalty. Although he did see worth in his life, this man’s life made a huge impact on others. He was a man that kept his word and his promises. He was a man with a vision of Paris turning from slumbering to beautiful and flourishing. He created the vision.

or feeling of hunger. God created people’s surroundings to help them forget about hunger. Simon writes that the man is, “Feeding himself with the humble presence of all around me”. He uses this to describe the man’s feelings of his surroundings. The man likes where he is staying because it is helping.

that you are not afraid to admit yours, you create a safe, intimate climate where others can acknowledge their personal shortcomings as well.Being humble in front of others makes you more credible, more believable, and paradoxically more respected. People can connect with you more easily. You become.

The article I chose is Humble Decision Making by Amitai Etzioni. Etzioni resources are not current with today’s decision-making. Old-fashioned decision-making does not meet the needs of a world with too much information and too little time. The once ideal rational decision-making requires comprehensive.

research and technical activities. · 1914 - Peru operations begin 1919 - 50% of Humble Oil & Refining Company purchased After the dissolution, Jersey needed production, which led to expansion into new countries and areas. Humble in 1919 established the first broadly-based research and development department.

provides a good example of this type of mix with Abraham Lincoln. He never let his ego get in the way of the bigger picture of the country. He was shy and humble but never wavered on his will to get the country to a common ground. Personal humility embodies an attribute in which most CEOs would laugh at if.

time. Dr. Paul Farmer a man of great intelligence, who in lieu of being conceited was humble . Not the pseudo-humble nonsense you are bound to encounter in daily living. He in the true sense of the word was humble . Recognizing who he was before God and man, nothing more nothing less. A scene where this.

distinct characters of personality whom uphold much different behaviors which can be categorized into two justifications: energetic and alive and humble and reserved. As we make way into the crowd, the overall energy and vibe is clear. The ones who greet you as you walk in and shout your name across.

consciousness is determines what category he is in at the time. However, Anti-Climacus provides a solution to this despair. He claims as long as a self humbles himself before God and truly focuses his existence on the eternal, he can conquer despair. Both Anti-Climacus’ system of despair and his supposed.

says he was ambitious/ And Brutus is an honourable man," once again showing Caesar's complete lack of ambition (JC II.ii.95-98). Painting Caesar as a humble man in this quote, Antony casts the late emperor in a hue of vibrant colors, alighting him with the coloring of a noble commoner, one who takes naught.

he is an honorable person who is not exempt from human error. His inherent goodness can be seen through his chivalrous actions and his ability to be humble and show humility when the moment calls for it. Sir Gawain is the leading exemplar of a Knight. He possesses all five points of chivalry which shows.

communicating that Franklin’s approach to life uses humility to make clear his aspiration to succeed both in his personal and public life. He uses this humble approach because he thinks it is the best approach to life. The Autobiography supports Silverman’s claimed assertion about Franklin’s modest approach.

still a little knowledge if one would say. It is not selfish. It is forgiving. It thinks out of oneself. It is more of being selfless. It is being humble . It is being respectful. It is being pious. It is being obedient. It is being understandable. Love is special. Love is so powerful that it.

wouldn’t be able to reach our highest peak of success. For this school year I’ve set three goals. These goals are being humble . getting my license, and making my girlfriend happy. Being humble is one of my biggest goals. This goal is most important to me for a lot of reasons. The most important reason is.

Hi Priyanshu, It was really nice talking to you, I found you very Humble . positive, passionate and really wanted to do something with equal business partnership. Trust it is future business and wonderful people are working together which will only help you financially also help you grow as better.

though Jim was an African-American slave, Huck decides to be his friend anyway. “It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go an humble myself to a nigger; but I done it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards, neither. I didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and I wouldn’t done.

indebted to the society. He is indebted to the society for his own portion whatever it is. He considers himself an humble soul even if he is at an important position. Lal Bahadur Shastri was an humble gentleman, the prime minister of India. So was Abrahman Lincon, the President of U.S.A was an ordinary gentleman.

Review pp. 154-158 of the text. Create an action plan. This action plan must detail how you can use the 12 factors in the book to become more humble in your life. Post your action plan in 200 to 300 words. UOPCOURSETUTORIALS http://www.uopcoursetutorials.com PSY 220PSY 220 Week 7 CheckPoint.

January 16, 2014 A Humble Man Over many years a number of people have influenced the world through their peaceful and humble movements. Each one has inspired another to spread their word in a similar way. Saint Francis is known for his humbleness and the way he was able to expand the church. Saint.

earns the knowledge to revive Islam will go to paradise and will be only one step away from the prophrets. Therefore, Muslims should be humble to gather with the humble and prophets in the hereafter.

connections between the mono myth and the life and work of Bob Marley. A true journey of conviction and courage to transcendence. Humble Beginings Rising from humble begings yet guided by his talent and an inborn mysticism. Marley fits perfectly into the archetypal motif described by Campbell.

see most of the changes and character growth in Grant Parker, the main character of the story. After realizing who he and his people were, being more humble . and discovering how he really stereotyped the southern African American, Grant changed his whole perspective on how he sees the country and himself.