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La Fuga De Deponia Analysis Essay

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La Fuga de Deponia

La Fuga de Deponia represents the rebirth of a genre once so beloved on PC as they were the graphic adventures. Recovering the best mythical franchise as it is now Monkey Island. Daedalic Entertainment presents Deponia trilogy, a crazy adventure becomes comedy and hilarious situations that will take our minds to the limit.

His first delivery, the leakage of Deponia, will serve as an introduction not only Deponia world but also one of the major advantages of the title: its charismatic characters. The protagonist of the series, Rufus. a self-centered and sparsely bright young man who dreams of escape from the mundo-vertedero of Deponia. To do this, Rufus has not hesitated to build all kinds of inventions in the purest style The Incredible Machine hoping to reach Elysium a planet connected to Deponia inhabited the upper class of society.

In one of his numerous attempts to escape, Rufus will run into Goal. a young woman of very sought after by the evil Organon Elysium and next which will live will embark on a fun adventure to save Deponia of destruction.

Deponia flight is an excellent title graphically and will show as at the peak of the 3D graphics, the 2D still have great war by giving. A visual paragraph carefully, the game sandwiched beautiful high resolution 2D graphics with cinematic comparable to those of any series of animation today.

In terms of its paragraph sound, the leakage of Deponia demonstrates dedication FX Interactive distributing the game in Spain, offering not only a superb work of localization but also translation and dubbing. Its soundtrack, however, may not convince many by their electronic issues sometimes even tiresome and repetitive.

It is important to also mention one of the most important aspects of the escape of Deponia: his sense of humor. Rufus is a modern Guybrush Threepwood (big pirate ™) which, from the first moment overwhelm us with his charisma and his crazy behavior. His dialogues and his way of thinking will be a major incentive for the title and a component essential in preventing us frustremos with your puzzles.

And it is that if something is Deponia flight it is an easy game. The difficulty of the puzzles deviate from the average view with most of the graphic adventures of today. Is true that sometimes we will have simple and easy to solve, mysteries but most of these require high doses of patience and a lot, a lot of imagination.

La Fuga de Deponia is an excellent first part of a trilogy that promises to become almost instantly in a new saga must for lovers of the point-and-click adventures. Highly recommended.

  • Fun and loaded with sense of humor
  • Attractive graphics 2D
  • Rufus is a superb character
  • All the same music times
  • Its high level of difficulty
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La fuga de deponia analysis essay

Deponia, debut of the multiple award-winning point & click adventure game trilogy centering on the fictive trash-planet of the same name and anti-hero Rufus, will soon also be playable on PlayStation®3: Developer Daedalic Entertainment today announces the release of a ported version for PlayStation®Network in Summer 2014.

Controls and user interface have been completely revamped to fit the requirements of the PlayStation® system. “Still, the whole point & click gameplay and feeling remain the same. But we could benefit from the advantages of a controller-based system, for instance by additionally allowing direct Rufus control“, explains Tom Kersten, producer of the Deponia series at Daedalic Entertainment.

Deponia will be released on PlayStation®Network in summer 2014, being playable on PlayStation®3.

In Munich Deponia won the golden educational interactivity award “Pädi”. Now all parents can realize that playing Deponia is good free-time activities for their children. The jury praised especially the fact that you have to think and solve puzzles in Deponia.
Well, parents out there: Prefer to put your children in front of Deponia instead of the television.

Sometimes after working this long with trash and garbage even our developers need to release their anger in a physical way.

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Welcome to the official website of Deponia, the mad-cap new adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment, the creators of Edna & Harvey. The Whispered World and A New Beginning. Over the next months, we will fill this website with everything you need to know about the breakneck tale of our hero Rufus.

Have a look around and check back frequently to spot new additions and info. Right now, you can feast your eyes on our gallery of brand-new screenshots, download some wallpapers to brighten up your desktop. Be sure to also join your fellow fans on Facebook to stay updated on Deponia.

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Also known as:
Chaos auf Deponia
La Fuga de Deponia
Availabe Addons.
Belongs to Series:
Available on: PC
Releasedate: 12.10.2012
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment, FX Interactive
Community sites: www.deponia.de

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