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The trouble comes when you repeat your activity to indicated by p. or pp.

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Topic: Rich industrialised nations are responsible for global warming so it is their duty to find a remedy. Do you agree?

There is no doubt that the global warming is currently a burning issue affecting adversely all nations in the world. It is said that the underlying causes of this problem are mainly addressed to the rich industrialized nations whose assumed responsibility is to seek to remedy. However, it leads to a debate of whether this onerous duty should be solely handled by a particular group of country or it is discharged by a whole world. In my perspective, it would probably be every country that must fulfill such fundamental responsibility.

First and foremost, it is inevitable that this global issue results in rapid deterioration due to the industrial countries' excessive reliance on fossil fuels. The emission of carbon dioxide is concerned in the climate change, which is mainly generated from pollution-spewing factories of those nations exploiting fossil fuels as a valuable source. Taking China as an example, in 2008, it accounted for 23.5% of world's CO2 emission, whereby Chinese industry-based economy may not be prevented from consuming fossil fuels. Nevertheless, not only do the rich industrialized countries have to bear the forward consequences, but also other nations will soon face the results

On the other hand, the responsibility should be shared between the countries due to their distinct uses of national resources. There are underdeveloped countries, developing countries and developed countries. Typically, underdeveloped and developing ones are unlikely to afford modern technology and have proper methodologies to create high-quality manufacturing infrastructure, resulting in the over-controlled emission of greenhouse gases affecting the climate. On the contrary, the developed countries or rich industrialized nations are currently using energy substitute to avoid letting the polluting gases into the atmosphere, but the consumption of fossil fuels is still remained.

To sum up, in my view, the world should be in charge of finding a remedy towards this issue rather than solely a group of country bearing this significant duty.

Look forward to receiving your feedback :D

I think that you should work more with 3rd paragraph. You should give a enough reasons or supporting points about why all nation should bear proper responsibility. While you presenting disagreeing point, don't disagree your contrast points again.

On the other hand, the responsibility should be shared between among the countries due to their distinct uses of national resources .

There are underdeveloped countries, developing countries and developed countries. Instead, you could write, "In relevance on their economic growth and a various amount of contribution to global warming, they should work on what their involvement is in dealing with it". There should be every countries engagement in reducing greenhouse emission because global warming is affecting on all nations not matter of their wealth and poverty,

There is no doubt that the global warming is currently a burning issue affecting adversely all nations in the world

It is said that the underlying causes of this problem are mainly addressed to the rich industrialized nations whose assumed responsibility is to seek to remedy.

. your prompt says -

Rich industrialised nations are responsible for global warming

. so, the approrpriate word is not "addressed", but "caused";
It is said that the underlying causes of this problem are mainly caused by the rich industrialized nations and therefore it is their duty to find solutions for them.

First and foremost, it is inevitable that this global issue results in rapid deterioration due to the industrial countries' excessive reliance on fossil fuels. The emission of carbon dioxide is concerned in the climate change, which is mainly generated from pollution-spewing factories of those nations exploiting fossil fuels as a valuable source. Taking China as an example, in 2008, it accounted for 23.5% of world's CO2 emission, whereby Chinese industry-based economy may not be prevented from consuming fossil fuels. Nevertheless, not only do the rich industrialized countries have to bear the forward consequences, but also other nations will soon face the results

You do not answer the prompt effectively. It is about whether you are agreeing with the statement or not. So, give reasons why every country should be responsible. It does not ask you the causes for this situation.

Thank you dumi, i'll try to improve my essay :D

Hi, I like your body

find a remedy. Do you agree ?

your prompt wants you to answer agree or not. Consider put clearly your side (I am agree, I am disagree) in the intro and conclusion.

This is my intro
Global Warming is happening issue. The sayings said that rich industrialized country should take responsibility for find solutions, while the others against it. Although this is true I tend to disagree that only rich industrialized country should find the remedy.

orthofracture Threads: 1
Posts: 3
Author: mohammed hussien

initially it is really great task and you support it with detailed scientific data
thesis sentence is weak; i recommend either you prepare for the argument or you announce your opinion that you will support all over.
don't repeat the ward "remedy"
although you had a clear opinion, you didn't support it enough by giving reasons such as " rate of pollution is nearly the same over some developing countries and that over developed ones". " if not all the countries cooperated. the problem couldn't be solved"

it was better to use the "he developed countries or rich industrialized nations are currently using energy substitute to avoid letting the polluting gases into the atmosphere, but the consumption of fossil fuels is still remained. " with reasons against not for because that caused some confusion

very short it should have a future expectation of some sort

i hope i was useful

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But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give you a complete account of the system, and expound the actual teachings of the great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are extremely painful. Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain

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Constraints OF MODERN DEMOCRACY Advanced democracy may possibly be the chat of the planet, and a lot of nations are encouraged to adopt this method of federal. The question is, is democracy the top form of state? Seriously should people keep going praising it as it is? Although this can be a connect throughout the day, democracy has architectural weak points making it less effective, receive an illustration of foremost past the write in democratic elections as well as the condition of electoral academic institutions in UsaA. If democracy is centered on vast majority take over and individual involvement, do the greater cite4me.org/ than two cases prove democratic habits? This paper is meant to storage shed light-weight along the limits of independence.

Democracy is equally an operation and also a item. In addition, it is regarded as the federal of your companion, based on the of us, as well as the anyone. New democracy is seen as an resident engagement, relief of mass media, the rule of transparency, legal system and responsibility, individual judiciary.

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Though freedom is viewed the vast majority rule normally, the decided minority are one that rule of thumb. Think about a scenario of foremost beyond the submit. Every time a applicant is declared the victor throughout an selection, often times the whole amount of voters which could be versus the decided out way the voters that voted the champion, For the reason that circumstance, the thoughts and opinions of our vast majority are certainly not considered. With regards to a dash-from within the initial two applicants, thoughts and opinions of those that vote up against the two will not be identified and thus which makes the democratic exercise unfair. In your journal of integrity and interpersonal beliefs, C. L. Ten asserts that there is current promises about the existence of illiberal democracies on one side, and liberal autocratic regimes on the flip side. 1 Without doubt these suggestions derive from on top of that slender a conception of justice, equating it with general grown-up suffrage and intermittent elections, and purely majoritarian methods, unchecked by judicial inspection by unelected judges. This bill of flexibility is simply too narrow merely because, like, in between elections, the decided federal government throughout the day could 100 % command and operate the operations of assumption-growth, which make it unlikely that it will remove any possible future widely managed elections.

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But despite a better notion of democracy, which enhances the prospect of democracy the existence of a great deal of politics choice, there may still be a bone fracture among democratic protection under the law and liberal protection under the law. Christiano is not going to explore a great break up concerning the two types of legal rights. The occurrences he covers get them equally present-day together again as expression of consumer equality. However the break up is, on his account, a conceptual prospect and, generally if the suggestions already mentioned are perfect, then it is also an empirical real life. It is additionally an empirical challenge regardless if, at specified phases of a society’s progress, democratic types of procedures would definitely be effective in supplying an financial nominal for all’. Furthermore, a democratic treatment is impede and bad, and this is usually a hindrance to economic growth of fresh nations. Much of strategies are needed to put into action democracy the way it requires referendum, voter enrollment that has been wants and needs a good deal of guides. Contemplate an Inspired like Cambodia, of having biometric voter registers; she might need to get money from Arena Bank, which will come with conditionality why these inadequate nations are required to apply.

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“89 nations around the world cost nothing, based on the FH review. Their 2. 8 billion people (44 percent of this world’s population) have a wide range of liberties. 50-various nations which represents 1. 2 billion dollars individuals (19 per cent) are considered To a certain extent No cost. Governmental legal rights and civil liberties are usually more minimal through these countries, where corruption, dominating judgment get-togethers, or, occasionally, ethnic or spiritual strife will often be the standard. The study locates that 49 different countries are definitely not Without charge.

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The 2. 4 billion people (37 per cent) of such nations around the world, about a couple of-fifths of who live in Chinese suppliers, are rejected most basic governmental liberties and civil liberties. ” Likewise, “for this world’s 192 claims, 119 are electoral democracies (89 Open and 30 Partially No charge), a growth of 2 on the grounds that 2003”, at the same time “within the last 10 years, the volume of electoral democracies has increased from 69 from 167 (41 per cent) to 119 away from 192 (62 pct). ” (Relief Residential 2004) Democracy also ends up in corruption. In an story furnished by Svetlozar A. Andreev,he emphasizes that But be sure to ask American citizens (or even a smaller degree, Canadians or Swedes) either nation-wide politics in their different countries are “corrupt”, and most likely a better solution might be “you bet. ” Whenever we were being to be on the general public point of view by yourself, we may evaluate these quite sparkling.

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Democracies as one of the most corrupt in this world. US general population impression studies show that plenty of the people often a vast majority regards “politics” and “most political figures” as “corrupt”. In 2008, 51% replying to an American Federal Election Experiments study thought that “several” people in politics are “crooked. ” (Countrywide Political election Scientific studies 2010). Of the greater than dialogue it is really right to mention that Winston Churchill was directly to mention that democracy is your most detrimental style of administration because it results in quality challenge, corruption and civil battle as not all of the are manifested, and the process is wasteful and decrease the speed of and just suited to smaller sized places the place where it is simple to arrive at the citizens’ feedback.

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