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Good ways to start an essay introduction - BTW

Good ways to start an essay introduction

Good ways to start an essay introduction

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Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening

Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening&

Thanks for comments and corrections.

Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends. Other people believe that the best way of learning about life is through personal experience. Compare the advantages of these two different ways of learning about life. Which do you think is preferable? Use specific examples to support your preference.
Some people learn about life by their own means and other people learn thanks to the family and friends advices. Both are very good ways to learn about life but in some cases one is better than other and vice versa. In this moment, i am thinking in three different examples: couple life, work life and community life. Let me explain to you these topics.

The first idea is "couple life". I think this is one of mysteries of life that you have to discover by your own but some advices from your parents do not would come bad. For example, when you have a couple you, you have to learn how is this person to deal with day to day but you can only make this possible through your own personal experience. Anyone can learn this but some advices from people who lived something similar can be very helpful.

My Second idea is "work-life". You have a similar problem like "couple life". Deal with your co-worker, bosses and clients are one of the hardest lections of life. Although, some counsels from friends can be very helpful. In other words the best clue to deal with the work-life, it is to have some advices which help you and try learn day by day as much as you can be a real expert in this issue.

And my third is "community life". In this case advices from your parents are so helpful. Remember, they passed for this problem and they really know how to fix those little misunderstandings between neighbors. If you have some doubt, come on, let go and ask them.

In conclusion, i think the best way to learn about life, is by yourself and your own experiences. For me this is the preferable way to learn something.

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12 Ways to Hook an Audience in 30 Seconds

12 Ways to Hook an Audience in 30 Seconds

President and Founder, Clarion Enterprises Ltd.

Bruna Martinuzzi is the CEO of Clarion Enterprises Ltd. specializing in leadership and presentation skills training. She is the author of Presenting with Credibility (2012) and The Leader as a Mensch (2009). Bruna has helped thousands of individuals become more effective communicators. www.clarionenterprises.com

"When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire," says advertising executive David Ogilvy. You have only 30 seconds in a TV commercial to grab attention. The same applies to a presentation. The first 30 seconds of your talk is crucial. This is the time your listeners form an impression of you, and of what's to follow.

Like a fine thoroughbred, you need to hit the ground running by starting strong. Instead, many presenters are more like old, tired workhorses—they start weak by wasting those first precious seconds with platitudes and pleasantries. Brain research shows that we don't pay attention to boring things. Surprise your listeners with a hook that immediately grabs their attention.

The key is to make sure that the hook is brief, well-rehearsed and pertinent to your topic. What follows is 12 hooks that will grab your audience's attention—and keep it.

1. Use a contrarian approach. Make a statement of a universally accepted concept, then go against conventional wisdom by contradicting the statement. For example, a market trader starts by contradicting the commonly held advice of buying low and selling high. He says: "It's wrong. Why? Because buying low typically entails a stock that's going in the opposite direction—down—from the most desired direction—up." This is a provocative opening that engages the audience right away.

2. Ask a series of rhetorical questions. A common way to engage the audience at the start is to ask a rhetorical question. Better still, start with a series of rhetorical questions. A good example of this tactic is Simon Sinek's TED presentation. He starts with: "How do you explain when things don't go as we assumed? Or better, how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions? For example, why is Apple so innovative. Why is it that they seem to have something different? Why is it that Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement?" A series of rhetorical questions stimulate the audience's mind as they ponder the answers.

3. Deliver a compelling sound bite. Use a catchy phrase or sound bite that has pungency and watch how the audience perks up. Innovation expert Jeremy Gutshe opens his talk with: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast. This is a sign that is on Ford's strategy War Room. And the lesson from it is not how good your PowerPoint slide deck is, what it really boils down to at the end of the day is how ready and willing your organization is to embrace change, try new things and focus in when you find an opportunity." To be effective, the sound bite needs to be brief, interesting and compelling.

4. Make a startling assertion. A surefire way to gain people's attention is by starting with a startling or amazing fact. Take the time to research startling statistics that illustrate the seriousness of what you're going to talk about. For example, a presentation about conservancy can start with: "Every second, a slice of rainforest the size of a football field is mowed down. That's over 31 million football fields of rainforest each year."

5. Provide a reference to a historical event. There are times when the day that you present may have some significance in history that can be tied to the subject of your presentation, as an opening gambit. You can easily look up what happened on any day in Today In Sport or a more general site such as This Day In History. You never know what pertinence it might have that will add some pizzazz to your presentation. It's worth a look.

6. Use the word imagine . The word imagine invites the audience to create a mental image of something. Ever since John Lennon's famous song, it has become a powerful word with emotional appeal. A particularly skillful use of the word occurs in Jane Chen's TED talk. She speaks about a low-cost incubator that can save many lives in underdeveloped countries. Chen opens by saying: “Please close your eyes and open your hands. Now imagine what you could place in your hands, an apple, maybe your wallet. Now open your eyes. What about a life?” As she says this, she displays a slide with an Anne Geddes ' image of a tiny baby held in an adult's hands. There is power in asking the audience to conjure up their imagination, to play along. This tactic can easily be adapted to any topic where you want the audience to imagine a positive outcome, or a vision of a better tomorrow. It can be used, as well, to ask them to imagine being in someone else's shoes.

7. Add a little show business. According to research. 100 percent of Americans quote movies, primarily comedies, in conversation. One of the primary reasons is to entertain. Movies occupy a central place in most people’s lives and a well-placed, pertinent movie quote at the start of a presentation can perk up your audience. Here are a couple of examples: "There's not a lot of money in revenge" (from The Princess Bride ) and "The first rule of leadership: everything is your fault" (from A Bug's Life .) And here are a couple of sites for movie quotations to start you off: Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen and The Best Business Wisdom Hidden In Classic Movie Quotes .

8. Arouse curiosity. You can start with a statement that is designed to arouse curiosity and make the audience look up and listen to you attentively. Bestselling author Dan Pink does this masterfully in one of his talks. He says: "I need to make a confession, at the outset. A little over 20 years ago, I did something that I regret. Something that I am not particularly proud of, something that in many ways I wished no one would ever know, but that here I feel kind of obliged to reveal. In the late 1980s, in a moment of youthful indiscretion, I went to law school." Curiosity here leads to some self-deprecating humor, which makes it even more effective.

9. Use quotations differently. Many speakers start with an apt quotation, but you can differentiate yourself by stating the quotation and then adding a twist to it. For example, "We've all heard that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But we need to remember that a journey to nowhere also starts with a single step." You can also use a quotation from your own life. For example, in a presentation on price versus quality, I have often used a quote from my grandfather, who used to say: "I am not rich enough to buy cheap." There are innumerable sources for online quotations, but you might also consider The Yale Book of Quotations. an app that brings together over 13,000 quotes you can adapt to your purpose.

10. Quote a foreign proverb. There is a wealth of fresh material to be culled from foreign proverbs. Chances are your listeners have never heard them so they have novelty appeal. Here are some examples: "Our last garment is made without pockets" (Italy); "You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind" (Ireland); "The nail that sticks up will be hammered down" (Japan), and "Paper can't wrap up a fire" (China). Here is a site for foreign proverbs .

11. Take them through a "what if" scenario. A compelling way to start your presentation is with a "what if" scenario. For example, asking "What if you were debt-free?" at the start of a money management presentation might grab your listeners' attention as it asks them to look forward to a positive future. It can intensify their desire for your product or service. Using a "what if" scenario as an opening gambit is easily adaptable to almost any presentation.

12. Tell them a story. Stories are one of the most powerful ways to start a presentation. Nothing will compel listeners to lean in more than a well-told story. Science tells us that our brains are hardwired for storytelling. But the story needs to be brief, with just the right amount of detail to bring it to life. It must be authentic and must have a "message," or lesson, to support your viewpoint. Above all, it must be kind. As Benjamin Disraeli said: "Never tell an unkind story."

How To Formally Introduce Yourself in Emails

Formally Introduce Yourself in Emails

Introducing Yourself In Email for the First Time

We have all been in the situation where we need to send an email to someone that we have never met. Whether it´s for business or school or in any other formal situation, it´s good to know how to formulate yourself correctly in English to give the best possible first impression.

  • Dear ………. (for example: “Dear John,” – continue on the next line)
  • To whom it may concern, (This is reserved for cases where you are sending an email but do not know who it is addressed to)
  • My name is Jared Murrs, I am from the Diversion Network.
  • My name is Karen Black, senior director of sales for Oregon Tours.

Explain how you got the email address, if applicable:

  • I received your email from a colleague of mine who who purchased a car from you last year.
  • I found your email address on a business card for property consultation.
  • Mark Handler from AGT gave me your email address.

Add how you know the person, if applicable:

  • We met each other last month and the Chrysler Sales convention in Milan.
  • You may remember me, we were sitting next to each other on a flight from London the Berlin last Friday.

Explain your reason for writing:

  • I am writing in regards to the conversation we had about …(cell phone service providers)………….
  • I wanted to get in contact with you about …..(some new commercial opportunities within our channel)…………………

Ways to Formally End the Email:

Together this creates email introductions such as:

Dear Kevin Sprout,

My name is Jake, I am from the Diversion Network. You may remember me, we met at a booth in the New Tech Sales Convention in Salt Lake City last week. I am writing in regards to a conversation we had about software applications that could solve some of the technical issues your company is facing.

Dear Lisa Morron,

My name is Kevin Sprout, I am the HR Manager of Chittos. I received your email from Karen Uptown, who suggested I email you about a conference on Sales Management that we will be holding in July..

Please help me to complete the sentence.
I’m very poor in English.
Thank you very much in advance for your helping

“I’m …. sale person who take care for your company.
Regarding to our sale team has visit you in Singapore last week. Please find room night production that your company support us in 2015 as attached file. For the rate in 2016, we will reduce the rate for your company to …… This is very special rate we do offer for you. We will revise rate in RFP system. I wish this rate will reach the budget of the visitors.”

Hi Nat,
I would be happy to help you work out your emails – please go to http://www.englishforbusinesscommunication.com/team/amanda-wolf/ and sign up for a free demo class with me and we can see what is possible.

Dear Amanda,
recently i find your greatest information about business thank you and God bless you. i got work with telecommunication company in Afghanistan country kiosk sales supervisor, the new project for this company, if faced with big problem since 20 day no one show me my reporting line and my objectives, when i coming to the company the sales director on leave out of country how i will contact him officially and effectively to solve my problem, by mail or through telephone?

note: i am only work in this project because this is now starting and need to hire more employees under hand of me in each region.

Amanda Wolf says:

Hi Sharif,
If I understand correctly it seems that sending him an email would be a good start! Wish you the best of Luck!

Thank you Amanda, so helpful to my class on ESL 6 level.

Amanda Wolf says:

Hi Mirna,
I´m glad to hear that! Glad that it helped you!

Thank you Amanda.

Best regards,
Azuan Ali

Hi Amanda
I am glad to see this information, so helpful to me

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HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples

HR Interview Questions for Freshers with best Answers and Examples

Details Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 January 2017 Hits: 207747

Best way to answer frequently asked HR Interview Questions for Freshers on Questions like Tell me about yourself. Why should we hire you, your strengths and weaknesses, how to handle challenging situation, your hobbies and interests, inspiring person in your life, change management, flexibility, Why do you want to work for us, about the company, expectations from your first job etc. Before we start, remember that, in a HR interview, there is no right or wrong answer. All you have is a right way of answering, but the answer in itself depends on the candidate.

Before you dig into the questions and answers for a fresher HR interview, it will be helpful to read the introduction article here - HR Interview Preparation Tips for Freshers. Earlier article explains how one prepare for a HR interview.

HR interview more often, is not a selection process, but a short listing process, where few of the selected candidates from previous rounds are weeded out. So more than concentrating on getting selected, one should be focused on NOT getting rejected.First few minutes are very important and so does the first few questions. The interviewers do not know anything about you. The impression you make in the first few questions, is going to set tone for the entire session and plays a huge factor

Let us split up the questions into few categories, which will be

  • About Candidate
  • About Company
  • About Common stuffs

HR Questions about Candidate Hello, how are you today ?

This is more of a “make yourself comfortable” statements. Answer with a pleasant smile. If you had any trouble during the day, don’t hesitate to mention it. But make sure you express it in a positive note.

  • “I am very well today sir, thank you”.
  • “I am very well today sir, just that the traffic here is bit of a hassle. But I made sure, I start a bit early to beat it.”

Tell me about yourself.
The FIRST & BEST question for any HR interview. The answer to this basically sets the tone of rest of the interview. Good news is – You can earn a lot of points if this is answered right.
  • Give a brief of your education background (up to plus two is fine, your family and location, any of your hobbies etc.
  • You can also mention one of your major achievements, if it fits the circumstance.
  • Keep the answer to just about 3-4 sentences and not more than that.
  • No need to explain your strengths & weakness at this points (as that will definitely come along).
  • A common mistake seen is most HR interview is to start the sentence like “I am basically from. ” No need to start a sentence like that.
  • Keep the answer simple, to the point and give space and time for further questions. Do not stretch it too much.

“Hi I am Kiran and hails from Bangalore. I did my B.Tech in electronics and communication from Rameswara College of engineering, which is under Bangalore University. I had completed my plus two from Chinmaya Vidhya Mission School and secured 98% in CBSE Boards. I have four members in my family and I am the youngest son. I love outdoor sports, specifically athletics and was a member of college athletic team.”

Must read - Awesome examples of Tell me about yourself with best answers

What are your key strengths ?

This is another most common question in any HR interview. The idea here is to understand how much you know about yourself and how confident you are about your strengths.

  • Just stay positive. Even a simple answer like “I am a very positive person” is good enough.
  • You can also change this as per the requirement of the interview. Knowing a bit about the profile you are being interviewed helps as well.
  • Explaining your strength with an experience from the past is desirable here.
  • “Sir, my greatest strength is my ability to learn things quickly. For example, I had to represent my college in an inter college science exhibition, and was introduced to the team at the very last minute. I was able to understand our exhibits and artifacts and present them with great success”.
  • “I think my greatest strength is my positive attitude, even during the most hardest of times. During my college project, there has been couple of occasions, when our idea was not falling in place and the results were negative. I had to believe and think positively and keep my team motivated to persist on our idea, and finally we got the desired result.”
  • “My best skill would be my verbal ability and articulation skill. I have worked as editor for our college magazine and have been involved with various literary forums during my school and college days.