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Ideas for DIY Paper Fasteners

Ideas for DIY Paper Fasteners

Paper clips, binder clips and hole-punch paper fasteners are office supply staples, useful for keeping files organized, securing loose pages and binding papers together. While standard boxes of paper clips and fasteners come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes, they the lack creativity, personality and charm of DIY clips and fasteners. Learn a few tips for making paper fasteners out of ordinary objects and items to add a touch of playfulness and whimsy to your home or office workspace.

Wire Fasteners

Standard wire paper clips are the most common type of paper fastener, but also the most ordinary. Instead of settling for a box of ready-made paper clips, make your own unique, personalized fasteners with thin, sturdy wire and wire cutters. Starting with a straight, vertical piece of wire, bend the wire upward, approximately 1 to 2 inches from one end, forming a deep “U” shape, using cutters to bend and shape the wire. Continue shaping the wire from there to create a heart, spiral, star, initial or other quirky shape. When finished, bend the custom shape you formed downward so it rests directly in front of the “U” shape, forming a clip. Slip the clip over a small stack of papers so it fits snugly between the “U” and the custom shape. Pull the “U” and custom shape apart to accommodate large stacks of paper, or squeeze them close together to keep thin stacks of paper secure.


Small, plastic and wooden clothespins work like binder clips for keeping sheets of paper pinned together. The smooth, flat surface of a clothespin is also easy to affix small embellishments to. Use super glue, craft glue or a hot glue gun to bond rhinestones, plastic charms, felt cutouts, beads or other small craft objects along the length of the clothespin for an instant, blinged-out paper fastener. Or, affix a small charm or object to one side of the clothespin at the top end for a cute and easy DIY bookmark. For a kid-friendly paper fastener craft project, supply children with small, flat, wooden clothespins, markers, stickers and glitter-glue pens. Encourage kids to embellish clothespins with different colors, patterns and designs, using the craft supplies provided.

For sheets of paper that will be permanently fastened together, take inspiration from traditional country crafts and use a thick needle and thread to sew pages together. Create quilt stitches down the right side of a paper stack for a book-like bind, or stitch pages together in the upper left corner with thick, colorful thread. Bind pages together with stitches that form shapes, letters or even words to keep pages organized in a cute and playful way. In addition to permanently securing pages together, thread stitches are flatter than standard clips and fasteners and will keep file folders from bulging or bending where the papers they contain are fastened together.

Bobby Pins

While bobby pins’ primary use is to keep hair in place, these inexpensive, versatile beauty accessories also double as thin-but-sturdy paper fasteners. Glue tiny rhinestones, beads, pearls or crystals along one side of the pin, or attach a larger object such as a plastic charm or foam shape to one end for an easy DIY paper fastener. Alternatively, tightly wind a piece of yarn or thread around the thin arms of the pin, starting at one end of the pin and ending at the other. Secure with a drop of glue. You now have a soft, colorful paper fastener that holds pages together without ripping or tearing them.

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What are Fasteners? Types of Fasteners

From the regular household appliances we use in our day to day life to the high tech gizmos we use have a common component in them – A Fastener. Fasteners though not visualized by us directly or even thought of, play a vital role in our day to day life. Be it from, holding the chairs and tables we sit on; be it the automobiles we travel; every inch of what we use is held in place by means of a Fastener.

We mainly use a fastener for a non-permanent joint. What do we mean by a non-permanent joint? A joint that can be removed or dismantled without the destruction or damage of the joining components can be termed as a non-permanent joint. A welding joint or riveted joint can be termed as a permanent joint, which if required to be removed tends to damage or destruct both the joining components as well as the joint itself.

This is how a fastener terminology looks like.

The basis of a fastener is basically a screw thread. - The male part is basically the screw with an external thread and the female part is a hole with an internal thread. The female part can also be a nut. Here are some ways by which a fastened joint can be created.

- Based on the application area of the fastener, the head portion of the fastener is available in various shapes and sizes as shown below.

Here is a list of materials used for manufacturing of Fasteners:

- Carbon steel. This is the most commonly used material for fasteners.

- Inconel Stainless steel

- Titanium: This is mostly used in aircraft application fasteners.

- Aluminium: This is used in areas of very light loads and application requiring reduction in weight.

Apart from using the above materials as fasteners, certain types of coatings are also provided on the fasteners in order to improve their performance characteristics. The main purpose of coating is to improve the corrosion resistance characteristics of the fasteners. The various types of coatings available for the fasteners are

- Cadmium Plating: used mainly for aerospace applications

Another Zen Touch Folders Thr Archive - Creative Discussion Forum

05-29-2005, 10:38 PM

Hi All,
I'm new to this forum and I made a search under folders and Zen Touch to see if my problem has been discussed before. I got loads of hits and read a lot of them and found bits a peices that add up to an answer for my problem but nobody with my specific problem. So sorry for sort of repeating a question.

I bought a Zen Touch 40GB a few weeks ago and at the time I didn't realise it worked off tags and not folders. So I just transfered my 8,500 or so mp3s on there all in their specific folders.
After playing with it for a while I realised that it runs on tags and I had a few thousand files that were not sufficently tagged. This was no problem because I always intended to tag my files when I had the time and now I had a good excuse to get my @ss in gear :smileytongue:

Anyway most of the tracks were fine as I used to listen to them on Musicmatch on my PC. However, I had one folder titled "misc" with about ,000 mp3s where I put all the tracks I wasn't sure of which artist it was and also lots of mp3s where I only had or 2 tracks from an artist and it wasn't worth making a separate folder for them.

This post it long enough already so I'll cut to the chase ;)
I went about tagging the tracks in this "misc" folder and somehow managed to delete the whole phucken thing. Losing over 000 mp3s off my PC :mansad:

I still have them on my Zen Touch but it is only possible to explore it via tags so these files are strewn allover the place and it's not possible for me to locate the "misc" folder and transfer the files back to my computer. Even if I had them tagged properly it would be impossible to remember what files I had in the folder.

Do any of you know how I can explore my Zen Touch with my PC and find this folder?

Is something like this going to be possible with the next firmware update?

I understand the advantage of having the player itself explore via taggs and have no problem if it remains like this but surely it should be possible to explore via folders using a PC?

I've also managed to properly tag my other 7000 mp3s and would love to reset my Touch and put these on there to get full enjoyment from it but I don't want to delete these ,0000 mp3s in the "misc" folder.
I don't mind waiting until the next firmware comes out before I do this if it will support exploring the Touch with windows explorer, will it's:smileyindifferent:
If not I am willing to accept my losses, reset my player and enjoy my properly tagged tracks :)

Maybe I can remove the hardri've and connect it to a laptop/PC and explore it then. smileysurprised:

Thanks for your help and for reading such a long post.

05-29-2005, 11:33 PM

Custom Printed Folders

Custom Printed Folders & Pocket Folders

Custom printed pocket folder, presentation folder printing (4-color custom folder printing), two pocket folders, etc.

We carry presentation folders of every kind, including presentation folders with fasteners. Film laminated pocket folders are our specialty. We have hundreds of folder styles, sizes and pocket capacities to fit your needs.

Custom Printed Folders

Decorative Choices
4 color process offset printing; Screen printing; Foil stamping; Embossing

Film Lamination Option:
Gloss or matte finish film adds strength and enhances your graphics.

Coating Options:
Overall aqueous coating or varnish to add luster to your pocket folder.

Stock Selection:
Choose from our standard papers or specify a stock of your choice.

Optional Features:
Die-cut windows and tang fasteners. Slits and slots to hold business cards, CD's, disks or brochures.

TechWallet SmartPhone Holder and Wallet USA Made by Topcor

TechWallet SmartPhone Holder and Wallet USA Made by Topcor Product Description

TechWallet SmartPhone Holder and Wallet USA Made by Topcor

Put your phone and wallet together separate them when you want. Keep full phone functionality.

Thin, full sized phone wallet holds 12 cards and 12 bills Smart tri-fold wallet design: cards can't fall out Instantly attaches to smart phones with touch fasteners (included)

The Touch Fastener System is strong, thin and long lasting using advanced low profile hook and loop. It is compatible with all Topcor phone accessories

Touch fastener patch that is applied to phone/case back. Alcohol swab Starter card Installation instructions

Card capacity: 8 plastic cards in 2 outside pockets, 4+ business cards in center pocket

Bill capacity:12 bills in 1 pocket, fits US and European currency

Size: 3.75" x 2.4" x .2" (95 mm x 60 mm x 5mm) Weight: 1.0 oz. (28 grams) Material: Ballistic Nylon Shear retention force:50-90 lbs (20-40 kg) Peel retention force: 4-6 lbs (2-3 kg) Touch patch with non migrating acrylic PSA

Compatible with most smartphone hard plastic phone cases or phone back

Not designed for rubber cases.

Bottle stand: fold into triangle and place on top of bottle

Armband: place optional stretch band inside wallet and fold over

Airplane seat tray mount: unfold one side and side under tray and close

See facing cards simply by folding wallet back

Made in the USA by Topcor!

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