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Killing Animals For Fur Essay

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Essay on The Barbarian Practice of Killing Animals for Fur - fur, fashi

Essay on The Barbarian Practice of Killing Animals for Fur

Ms. Harrison run into little Timmy- her neighbor, seven years old- one Saturday morning at the store wearing her brand new fur coat. Little Timmy, surprised by the size of the thing asked Ms. Harrison what that was. She said it was her very expensive coat that she bought the other day hoping that little Timmy was going to admire her good taste in fashion. When little Timmy asked what was that made from, she replied “fur” hoping that he was not going to be able to put the pieces together, but when little Timmy asked “Fur, from who? How was it taken off?” Ms. Harrison could do nothing else but turn away in shame and head home.
“A 1998 investigation by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) exposed the international fur industry’s ugly secret: the widespread slaughter of companion animals- domestic dogs an cats- for the manufacture of clothing, accessories, and trinkets.” (www.infurmation.com/)
The world we live in today has become into something that worries people and societies from all around the world, but that unfortunately seems to be overwhelming and people cannot do anything about it. The main questions about the killing of animals for fur are: Who do we blame for this practice? How has it affected the world since its beginning? Can we make it stop? How? Different species of animals are being killed for their fur, and this is to satisfy the demand of a selected group of people from the community, not all of them. I will be discussing how much does this practice contrast with the Utilitarian principles and if the outcome of it is justified, and try to motivate the reader to get involved in the eradication or at least to raise a concern about this “slaughter” based on the results of this justification.
Utilitarian t.

. middle of paper.

. t only to the animals involved, but also to lots of people around the world who are stressed because of this. Killing animals for food is practically inevitable because humans need to eat, but killing them for fur is a luxury at expense of the animal’s lives. Whether the job should be eradicated or not is a complicated topic since it should- ought- to be eliminated since it is going to benefit more sentient beings around the world, but reality is that even though it has reduced over the last century- because of synthetic fur among other reasons- it is still taking place and it is still as barbarian as it was when it first started. There is still hope that one day this will stop, but for now the only thing we can do is get involved and show we care, and refuse to buy fur and try to expand this mentality among the people we know and the ones we meet during our lives.

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Why Wearing Animal Fur Is Wrong - Essay Example

Why Wearing Animal Fur Is Wrong – Essay Example

Each year, an infinite number of animals are killed for the textile industry. Regardless of the source of the fur, Australian outback or Indian slaughterhouses, an immense amount of pain goes into each fur-trimmed jacket, wool sweater or leather belt. Fur farm animals spend their whole lives restricted to filthy, cramped wire cages, not to mention the cheapest and cruelest methods used in killing the animals, including electrocution, suffocation, poisoning and gasping. Worse still, sheep are sometimes subjected to a gruesome mutilation procedure whereby huge chunks of skin and flesh are chopped off from lamb’s backsides without application of any painkillers. At the same time, the exotic trade in skins is just horrifying; lizards and snakes are skinned alive due to the notion that live lashing keeps leather supple.

On the other hand, nanny goats are boiled alive for the manufacture of gloves, and the hides of unborn lambs and calves-some intentionally aborted, some extracted from slaughtered expectant ewes and cows- are regarded particularly luxurious. It is brutal and wrong on so many aspects. You can virtually fetch the general arguments of illegal skinning of animals and how you would like it if the same animals were considered dominant species and they instead opted to skinning us. I don’t think it can be that fair. Well, you can imagine the reversed role and not forget the fact that animals possess as much rights as humans, and what would we be showing young children, our future generation?

It is wrong to mistreat animals for our own interests and undermine the rights of a less dominant species. Of course you wouldn’t like if someone was wearing your fur for luxury. Indeed, these animals can be saved simply by opting for cruelty-free garments, which are readily available in all price tags and at all types of retail terminals, from low-level shoe stores to top-notch boutiques. With the availability of wide range of comfortable, fashionable options, there is no justification for wearing animal fur.

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Stop Killing Animals for Their Fair

Stop Killing Animals for Their Fair

By Emily L. Creve Coeur, MO

Killing animals for their fur is just cruel and wrong. How would you feel if someone ripped the skin off of you and decided to make a coat out of you? Across the United States, there are “fur farms” where people cage animals. They keep them in unbearably cold temperatures to make their fur thick enough and then they are made into coats. More than 40 million animals die each year just to be made into coats. I don’t know about you, but I think that is ridiculous and needs to end now.

Did you know that it takes around 40 animals to make just one fur coat? Some of these animals are skinned alive and go through so much pain. Even before they are skinned they are in pain. They are forced to live in small cages and are given little or no food and water. Several animals have gone extinct because they are hunted nonstop for their fur.

Some of the innocent animals that are hunted include: mink, fox, bobcat, beaver, raccoon, chinchilla, and more. Sometimes nothing is even done with the meat of these animals. The people are worried more about the fur. Right now in the United States, there are no laws regulating fur bearing animals that are cage raised. The industry’s treatment is more concerned about the cost instead of the care of these poor animals.

If you still like the look and feel of real fur, there is another option. Instead of wearing real fur, you could wear faux fur. Faux fur is fake fur and can be made to look and feel the same as real fur. Also, faux fur is a lot cheaper. You could pay 3,000 dollars for a real fur coat that killed 40 animals or you could pay about 100 dollars for a coat that looks and feels just the same and killed no animals. Stores like Target and Forever 21 are already making clothes with faux fur on them. So next time you think about buying a real fur coat, think again because no animal should ever lose its life for fashion.

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Furs for Everyone - Essays

Furs for Everyone
  • killing animals for fur animals are tortured and killed for the fur or skin off their backs. The fur industry is a cruel, heartless business that is bad for.
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  • Stop Wearing Animal Fur Wearing Animal Fur Speech Good morning, everyone . How would you feel to be skinned alive? Gassed? Or beaten to death? I know that.
Furs for Everyone

Animals are defined in nature to be organisms, which find and sustain equilibrium with their surroundings. A virus is a sickness that infiltrates a body, lives off it, slowly killing it until it’s gone. We humans are no longer animals; we’re a virus.

For thousands of years humans have inhabited earth living respecting and agreeing with the rules of nature. But over a century ago, the industrial revolution marked the beginning of the earth’s destruction. As the future generation of this earth we must spearhead the operation to protect the land we love and will always love.

How can we do this? Politicians have been arguing for years about what we can and can’t do. I myself could list a dozen right now but instead I chose to speak to you about one. For environments sake this winter, buy a fur coat over synthetic.

Many of you probably received the wrong impression from my topic. I do not hate animals; I am strongly against hunting as a sport. In fact I have a dog named Sote, and if anything were to happen, I would be devastated. I love animals, and what must be understood is the direct link between animals and the environment. It is the purpose of this speech to educate, to explain why some animals must be sacrificed to save the rest of them. It is my love for animals that has driven this speech, and it is our nations love for animals that could change the world.

Canadian furs must be retrieved safely and humanely. The key word here is humane. What is humane? Is humane when a group of fox hit a booming population and run out of food resulting in massive starvation and death? Natural, but it’s certainly not humane. In nature to control population there must always be predators. If a wolf sinks its teeth into a deer and kills it, is there a problem? Is anyone complaining? Mother nature has made it so there are always predators; this time it happens to be us. But we humans are a loving and caring species who would never torture an animal; most of.

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Killing Animals For Food - Essay by Rosajimez

Killing Animals For Food Essay

Animals include pets, wild animals, and so on. A long time ago people killed them and used their flesh (for food) without any restrictions. But doing the same things with pets and wild animals is not right nowadays. I do believe this opinion because of following reasons.

Firstly, to agree with eating wild animals' meat seems that we have accepted bad activities; it means that we are closing our eyes to damaging nature. As far as I know, many types of wild animals went extinct because of hunting. That is why we are not able to see them again nowadays. So protecting wild animals is our responsibility. This mission could not only conserve a plenty of the nature, but this might also be what we could do for the future, for our new generations. We should remember that the natural resource is limited and any animals have existed with their own true reasons. This is the balance of natural rule. So do not hunt any more animals, even though wild animals' meat is very delicious, it might bring a worse future to our posterity.

Secondly, in our current civilization, pets are subjects that should be protected as people recognize that pets also could be ones protected, even by law in some countries. It would be inhuman activities if we killed or ate our pets that we loved so much and were happy with. For example, when I was a child, I had a lovely dog. Actually, I was very interested in playing many games with him. Unfortunately, one day I found out that my dog had been stolen away. This event made my families feel sad for weeks, and worry about me because I had been sick and missed the dog.

Finally, in my opinion, killing animals and using their flesh is a bad judgment, except for animals that are grown up for meat only such as cows, pigs, sheep, and something like these so on.